Sunday, November 12, 2006

Inside the Statehouse

Here are some wonderful pictures of the victory celebration in Nurse's Hall. Just look at the joyful faces (click on a picture of get a larger view):


Anonymous said...

Sadly, BlueMassGroup is now railing about bringing this to a vote since they want their health care bill to come up.

Remind me again : when did we vote for them to speak for us?

Anonymous said...


I just spoke with Miss MassResistance herself, Amy Mann-Contrada! Apparently tonight's "gala" is invitation only, and she's already oversold tickets to the event. You can't even come just to hear the "speakers", Stephen "gay no more" Bennett and David "Mad Dad" Parker! But if anyone wants to crash their little party, it is being held tonight, Nov 14 at 6:30 PM at the Boxborough Holiday Inn, off route 111 in Boxborough, Exit 28 off of route 495.

Bring your camera, maybe someone can finally snap a photo of the elusive Miss MassResistance herself. It's almost as hard to get a photo of her as it is to get one of Mullah Omar in Afghanistan! (makes sense though since they're both religious fanatics).

Will she be decked out in her most expensive evening wear from K-mart? Will she have her hair and makeup done at SuperCuts? Inquiring minds wanna know!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, she also said that since they oversold the event and gave a smaller number to the hotel, SHE'S HOPING THAT SOME PEOPLE WON'T SHOW UP!!!! Considering that it's basically going to be 6 people, (Camenker, Contrada, Parker, Haskins, the fat catholic guy, and Bennett) they should have no problem fitting into one of the small conference rooms at the Boxborough Holiday Inn. Will Amy be able to contain herself being among all those men? Will she be moist? Not likely, as she has surely been frigid for years :)