Saturday, November 25, 2006

For Some It Will Never End...

All this week absentee Massachusetts Governor Willard Romney has been touting the "Let the People Vote" mantra whenever and where ever he can. He even staged a photo op last Sunday and used the Vote on Marriage people as a backdrop for his presidential ambitions. He and Kris Mineau (pronounced minnow like the little fish) are even trying to turn this into a constitutional vote thingy and not an actual vote on same sex marriage.

But lets step back a minute. The signature gathering for an amendment is only to get it to the legislature NOT actually to put it on the ballot and what if it actually went to the ballot and was voted down, what then? Well, the head of the Mass Family Institute, Kris Mineau says that he would abide by the whatever the voters agreed to, but would he....

Last week on Massresistance: The Radio Show, they had on failed State Senate candidate Sandi Martinez*. Brian asked her about a comment Kris Mineau made on TV when he said it would be over if the voters voted the amendment down, her response (you can listen to it on Massresistance's website here, it's about 13 minutes into the show):
Well, if the people vote on it, I think again it would depend on what the voter turnout was, it would depend on a lot of things. I mean some people are going to say, ok the voters have spoken and that's it, other people aren't going to be silenced until, ya know, they feel that everything possible that can be done has been done. And from I have been seeing in other states is that the majority of the people do not support homosexual marriage and I don't believe that we would lose.
She had been talking about a meeting she went to to prepare for the anti-gay rally that was held last week.

Essentially, they will never stop even if the people vote it down which is precisely the reason why the legislature should end this now. Is this really all the people in Massachusetts want to hear about for the next two years? It's pretty pathetic when the Governor of Massachusetts puts more energy into advocating for discrimination than he did to help the poor and needy in the State.

By the way Governor, aren't you doing the same thing you are accusing the legislature of, trying to subvert the constitution, by going to the SJC?

*In the general election Sandra Marinez lost to Susan Fargo by a margin of 64 to 36%.


Anonymous said...

These clowns are a parody of a mob. They were legion, shouting and raising their fists. Then many drifted away, but the remaining yelled in their diminished group. This continues with each loss, with each set of people realizing the futility and deceit. The mob dwindles to fewer and few mumblers.

Perhaps they can rent a hall and just mutter to themselves, leaving the rest of us to do the important business of the state and beyond.


Steven Keirstead said...

The queer thing is that the MFI & MassResistance hard core keep pointing to what other states have voted in amendments banning same sex marriages, as if that has some bearing on what could happen here. They don't seem to accept the reality that Massachusetts has sharply turned away from the path the bigots seek. They lost many anti-gay leaders in the statehouse, and elected the most pro-gay, pro-civil rights governor the Commonwealth has ever had. They simply cannot get their heads around the fact that they are the real minority here, in their opinion that gay marriage is a threat to civilization. Most Massachusetts voters support same sex marriage, and the plurality of opponents of same sex marriage think it is not such an important issue.

CrackerLilo said...

Amazing how these idiots ignore the fact that gays, bisexuals, and those straight people who love us number among "the people."

FlyingToaster said...

These numbskulls haven't noticed that they keep losing.

Like in, um, Arizona.

Like they're down 7 more in the Lege.

Like I know exactly one person (!1!) who would vote against gay marriage. She's 80 years old and loves Mitt, too.

Over the years, there have been about a hundred citizen's petitions for referenda that have failed to be voted on by the Lege. It happens. If it's a "real" cause, they'll be able to rinse, repeat the signature gathering process.

Or maybe not. Maybe they're feeling the pinch of "no cash for paid signature gatherers". Maybe they're noticing the drop-off in attendance at their rallies. Maybe they can't afford to ship in shills from Georgia in Prince George's War Economy.

I'm waiting for Jan 2; I'll be instructing my rep and Senator to vote to adjourn. Already.