Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have lots of things to be thankful (and hopeful) for:

  • That no one was seriously hurt in that blast in Danvers
  • That Deval Patrick will be the next Governor of Massachusetts
  • That Governor Mitt Romney will only be governor for about 42 days (and probably only in the state for 5 of those days)
  • For those 109 Legislators who voted to recess until January 2nd and raised the ire of the absentee governor.
  • That our troops in Iraq will be coming home sooner rather than later
  • Massresistance: The Radio Show because next to American Idol it's one of the finest forms of entertainment today.
  • That we live in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Feel free to add your own!


Boo said...

I'm thankful for the latest unintentionally hilarious line from the good folk at Massresistance:

It's time that we take an aggressive stand and demand that our weak-kneed, spineless, waffling officials tell the homosexuals where to get off!!!

Steven Keirstead said...

Wouldn't Amy and Brian like to know where to get off?! I'm reminded of John Lennon's comment on Yoko Ono, "It's handy to fuck your best friend." I hope everyone gets such a friend, but clearly people in MassResistance need such companionship and are jealous of us that have it. I'm thankful I do have that, and much more from my guy.