Sunday, November 12, 2006

Pictures from the Con Con

Here are some pictures from the Constitutional Convention. (Hat tip to Iandb1 at the Click on a picture to get a closer look:

Here are a few pictures of Article 8/Massresistance head Brian Camenker "entering the Lion's Den" to take some photos for their website:

Here is one from the other side of the street where the anti-gay protestors stood. There were really quite a small group. There are more to come from inside the statehouse.


Anonymous said...

Any idea why brian Camenker was wearing a Gilligan hat?

Has he finally accepted that he's the state idiot? Did he think we somehow wouldn't recognize him?

Anonymous said...

i'm sad we don't get to see miss amy. is she shill skulking too low to photo?

Anonymous said...

Bud, thanks for posting my pics! I'm glad you liked them.

I hope that Article Hate lets us borrow their green "Let The People Vote" signs, when we decide to pass our constitutional amendment required ALL non-profit organizations to make their accounting ledgers open to public scrutiny.

Thank you, Maoist anti-gay fag-hag Brian Camenker.

When you chanted, "Let the people vote," I sometimes chanted back, "Let us see your books!"

Anonymous said...

Camenker was obviously wearing that ridiculous hat in a poor attempt at disguising himself. And apparently Amy "Miss Massresistance" WAS present as she so stated on their radio "show", along with her perception that people don't know who she is. She needs to be put on notice that people most certainly DO know who she is, with her cheap clothes, bad makeup, and ugly hair. Instead of whining she should get herself to a salon.

Anonymous said...

if she's sad that no one recognizes her, shy doesn't she post a pic on her website? oh yeah, that's right, some haters are too chickensh*t tostand by their words.

zagnut said...

She's upset that no one recognizes her? Maybe she doesn't realize that radio doesn't have pictures. What a maroon.