Thursday, November 30, 2006

Citizen Romney's New Suit

Citizen Romney's suit is being heard today by a single justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. For all of you keeping score, yes, the absentee Governor of Massachusetts filed the suit in his capacity as a citizen of the Commonwealth and NOT the governor. Yet he held a rally for the suit as Governor, interesting.

The other co-signers of the suit are a who's who of anti-gay activists in the State and some of the 30 original signers of the petition*:
  • C. Joseph Doyle,* the confirmed bachelor and regular "guest" on Massresistance: The Radio Show, signer
  • Raymond "I'm not a bigot" Flynn*
  • Richard F. Guerriero*
  • Bronwyn E. Loring*, she signed the letter out of concern for her granddaughters (Is she afraid they won't be enough straight men left for them to get married?) and seems to be a bit obsessed with gay sex. She also founded the North Shore Christian Network.
  • Robert S. Miranda*, also know as Roberto who links Sept 11th to Boston to Marriage Equality. Oh, and marriage equality is the work of the devil.
  • Philip D. Moran*
  • Joseph R. Nolan*, former Supreme Judicial Court Justice who Romney wanted to be special prosecutor in 2004 to stop the same sex marriages from happening.
  • Jossie E. Owens*
  • Richard W. Richardson*, who was/is with the spokesman for the Black Ministerial Alliance
  • Mitt Romney (now why didn't he use his legal name and is he in the State today?)
  • Philip Travis*, who is retiring from the legislature because he feels it has lost its moral courage. This from the man who was caught soliciting financial contributions for an Indian tribe in his district from several banks, at the same time controversial banking legislation was before the committee.


Anonymous said...

NO, the Governor was not in the State today when his anti-gay lawsuit was presented to the lone justice. He was in Florida meeting with the few Republican governors left and probably kissing Jeb Bush's ass.

MArcie said...

The SJC is going to hear the arguments. No surprise here. I hope they bitch slap Romney for wasting the court's time. The same court he chastised for following the constitution on same sex marriage. I'm sure if he doesn't get his way he'll be blaming them again.

Laws, what laws? We don't need no stinking laws.

Anonymous said...

MassResistance has finally disclosed where and where thier banquet was. The event was attended by many of the pro marriage legistative candidates who lost in November.

It is funny we never see any pictures from this annual event considering Ami is so quick to pull out her camera nad post pics of our events on her blog.

and once again a mystery doner has come forward with a 30,000 donation if they can match the gift.
it is funny that this person is never identified. Could it be because he or she is not a real person and their is no 30,0000 gift?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a loser's convention with a "Ex-gay" minstral show.