Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Hatfields and the McCoys

Yikes, it's too early on a Saturday morning without coffee to be reading this stuff on the web:

Romney's record on gay rights, social issues in cross-hairs -

Addresses False Accusations Against Romney.

Well it seems our little leader of Massresistance/Article 8/Parent's Rights Coalition..., Brian Camenker, has been attacking our Absentee Ex-Governor Willard Romney and now accusations are flowing in the opposite direction.

Camenker, who usually just goes on the attack after gay people and children's books set his sights on Romney when Ole Willard started to mention the "P" word (that's Presidency folks). He released some document of sorts that chronicled Romney "gay" activities from his failed run at the Senate to the present day. When they, Massresistance (and I use the term "they" loosely since there really is only about two of them) found they weren't getting the credit they thought they deserved for leaking all this information about Romney they tried to bring in the BIG Guns:

Activist Claims 'Deception' Behind Gov. Romney's 'Conversion' to Conservatism

Apparently these attacks on Romney are started to have some effect because now Romney is going on the defense (and after Camenker) Caution: the following link is to a flipflopping wannabee presidential candidate:

Research Briefing: Meet The Real Brian Camenker Caution: this link is to a flipflopping, Ken doll-like, say what you think the people want to hear, presidential candidate.

Which includes these gems:

Camenker Is Not A Credible Voice And Pushes An Extreme Ideology

Camenker Has A Record Of Attacking Prominent Republicans

Yes, those are on Willard Romney's official website.

Now, inquiring minds want to know...who's right, Brian Camenker or Mitt Romney?

Well, maybe they're BOTH right!


Herb said...

The bottom line is that Camenker has got to be hurting Romney. Uncle Willard has been ignoring trolls at MassResistance but they must be getting under his skin. I surf the religious right web sites and am seeing more and more anti Willard articles especially since LeBarbera chimed in with Camenker over the last couple of weeks. Actually as much as I dispise Camenker and his girlfriend, Amy, he is absolutely right about Uncle Willard. The man has no scruples and will tell anyone anything to get elected the last thing this country needs now. But it is still fun to see the Religious Right attack each other.

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting tidbit about the org run by Camenker co-signer on the anti-Romney memo, Peter LaBarbera. Peter's org is usually referred to as Americans for Truth (it's full name for IRS non-profit status is Americans for Truth about Homosexuality). AFTAH is codded as an R26 org. That is, PRO-GAY. GLAD would be an R26 org, for example. Well, Peter sure don't act pro-gay! In fact he's making money off of being a ranting phobe. The main problem with the blatantly incorrect classification is that people may look up a pro-gay org to donate to by this code, and contribute to this lying scum thinking they're contributing to a real pro-gay org. Brian, you sure do keep fine company. More at!987521E6E0B9EAFF!2537.entry