Sunday, January 21, 2007

Romney vs Camenker: TKO?

We've been enjoying the pissing match between Brian Camenker and Ex-Govenor Willard Romney. Watching both of them trying to show who is more anti-gay has even garnered some national attention (much to Romney's dismay and Camenker's delight) and has even increased the hits on this blog.

So World-O-Crap blog has entered the fray with a wonderful analysis of the whole Camenker versus Romney smackdown. She even included some details that I had forgotten about Camenker (like his fascination with Marxism and his jaunts to gay bars in Boston).

The post is so good that Romney's advisers should bone up on it.


Anonymous said...

Bud, how can you forget these details about Brian? That's why I always refer to him as "The Maoist anti-gay fag-hag."

That reminds me, he's a Maoist, not necessarily a Marxist. Mao thought the Russians weren't communist enough.

bostonph said...

Did you see today's Globe article on Camenker? Oddly, they repeated his list of "accomplishments" verbatim and unchallenged. Too bad they no longer have an ombudsman.

Over the last decade, he has tried to fight back, he says, distributing an audiotape of a state-sanctioned gay youth conference at Tufts University , which included graphic discussion of sex. The firestorm that ensued resulted in the firing of the two state Department of Education employees who took part. He helped push through legislation that requires schools to notify parents about sex education curricula. And he forced Macy's in Downtown Crossing to take down a window display featuring two male mannequins, one with a rainbow flag around its waist. In his hometown, he organized a petition to oppose domestic partnership benefits and was booted from Newton North High School for trying to sit in on a student gay-rights celebration.