Saturday, January 6, 2007

Mitt Who?

Today's installment of Massresistance: The Radio Show had Larry Cirignano, the man who reportedly assaulted a woman at the Worcester Vote on Marriage Rally a couple of weeks ago. Both Brian and Amy neglected to ask the alleged assaulter about the incident. Could it be that he's given so many different versions of the incident that he didn't want to go on record again with a another different version? Anyway, Larry said he was at the Massachusetts Consitional Convention this past week until it ended at 8:30 and he was glad that they legislators fulfilled their constitutional duty. (Except they didn't since they didn't vote on the Health Care Amendment which is also the "people's amendment) Maybe Larry was outside looking for more women push down?

In another segment of the show they talked about how the climate around the State House has changed and they claim it was because of the Con-Con. I'd beg to differ. I think the climate around the State House has changed because a wonderful new Governor was inaugurated. I can't imagine Gov. Patrick seriously considering any new laws that Kris Mineau, Brian Camenker or any of the other anti-gay activists put forth. And who in the Legislature is going to be their mouthpiece? The two most vocal anti-gay legislators retired (because they surely would not have won another term a la Marie Parente.)

Note to Brian Camenker: We were singing Kumbaya not in victory but because we had all been just shouted at by the Rev. Roberto "gay marriage is like the 9-11 terrorist attacks" Miranda.

While the Con-Con was a let down and yes it was disappointing, it is far from over. They still need to prevail at another Con-Con and then they have to get the voters to ok the amendment. But even that's not the end since their amendment will create three different classes of people which even Ms. Massresistance says won't pass constitutional muster.

On a brighter note, Governor Deval Patrick's inaugural address was so incredibly uplifting. No longer will the groups that want to divide this Commonwealth have the Governor's ear and it feels great! The Inaugural ball was divine too, my husband and I had many people we didn't even know telling us how sorry they were about what happened. It really topped off our night.

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