Thursday, January 4, 2007

Memoirs of a Gay-sir at the Con Con

It's been a couple of days since the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention and I've finally gotten time to jot down a few thoughts from that day:
  • One can really feel the hatred from the Vote On Marriage people just by standing next to them.
  • The Vote On Marriage people, in keeping with their fraudulent and dishonest signature drive took off their yellow stickers so that they could sit in the Marriage Equality section. When they were asked to move because of a joint arrangement by the Vote on Marriage & people, they claimed they were neutral.
  • I guess I could understand the Vote on Marriage people wanting to sit on our side since their side had Larry Cirignano, the leader of the Catholic Citizenship group who reportedly physically attacked a woman at a Worcester Rally.
  • Kris Mineau of the Mass "Family" Institute congratulated the Legislature for voting to put discrimination into the Massachusetts Constitution yet stayed silent when the same Legislature doesn't vote on the citizen petition for the Health Care Amendment. Ditto for Absentee Gov. Romney and Senate President Travaglini.
  • A lovely older woman was sitting next to my husband and I at the State House. She was sitting with her daughter who was a Minister (and wearing a rainbow clerical stole) from one of the many religious organizations supporting Marriage Equality. We were so thrilled she was there to support her daughter until we got to talking to them and found out that it was the other way around and that she had been with her partner for over 22 years!
  • Most of the Vote on Marriage crowd were bussed in for the day and ended up leaving early because their buses were taking off.
  • While the Vote on Marriage crowd was predominately senior citizens, the Mass Equality crowd continues to be more diverse in both age and race.
  • The Vote on Marriage people who are united in their hate of gay people aren't even united in prayer. During one of the recesses they had two separate prayer groups. First all the Protestants prayed together, then when they sat down the Catholics got up and said the Rosary separately.
  • Rev. Roberto Miranda, the leader of Vote on Marriage group and the guy who equated same sex marriage to the terrorist attack on Sept. 11th, came up to us on the Marriage Equality side, pointed and shook his finger at us yelling "You know you are wrong, you know you are wrong". Jesus would have been so proud.
  • Some "Vote on Marriage" guy threw a "Jesus is the Savior and you need to obey him" paper at my husband. We corrected the grammar and it will be posted soon.
  • Thank God that Massachusetts is now led by Governor Deval Patrick.

I'm sure I'll have more thoughts as time passes and I get to shake off all the hate that was bestowed upon us on Tuesday (and gear up for the future because of Tuesday).


Anonymous said...

Thanks BostonBud fore your thoughts. I was unable to be there, but reading what you wrote, I get so angry. These people believe they are so righteous and callthemselves the "people og God". Well they will all someday meet their maker and God help them! Keep up the good work. Let's not get discouraged. Love is always better than hate!

Anonymous said...

I was at the con-con as well. I was very impressed by Carl Scortino's impassioned plea to redouble our efforts during a rally outside the state house after the defeat. He was the only legislator who came out to talk to us. Don't assume our side would win a popular vote. The liquor store owners managed to convince voters they like paying more for wine and beer. Can you imagine the ugly ads the gay-haters will run to try to create doubt in voters minds about the appriateness of allowing gays to marry? --Ed