Monday, January 15, 2007

Toto, We're Not In Kansas Anymore!

I know I've talked about Massresistance: The Radio Show before and I have warned readers NOT to listen because of the sheer boredom factor but Saturday's show was different. I HIGHLY recommend that you listen to this show. Even though both voices on the show still come across with in the same dull monotone manner it is refreshing to hear the exasperation in their voice.

What a difference a week makes. Just a week ago they were laughing and back slapping with reported assaulter Larry Cirignano so I didn't know what to expect. But this week it's billed as the show about "bad news" with the bulk of the program based on this:

Jan 13/14 - How bad it's looking . . .

Listen to the full show here.

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Featuring: We're not pulling any punches. The cowardly "pro-family" legislators on Beacon Hill. The sell-outs among "pro-family" activists.

It reminded me of how I felt on January 4th at Governor Deval Patrick's inauguration (after the initial defeat of the Con Con on the January 2nd). As I was standing there outside the statehouse listening to this wonderful man take the oath of office I started to get a good tingling, tomorrow was here and the sun DID come out. It was suddenly all different.

No longer would the Governor of Massachusetts be entertaining the thoughts of discrimination by anti-gay or anti-family groups. Kris Mineau and Brian Camenker no longer had anyone on Beacon Hill to talk to. Yeah, there still are those 62 anti-marriage equality legislators but there is no longer that loudly vocal and anti-gay Phil Travis nor the anti-gay Emile "I'm not a homophobe I just want to take away gay couples rights and while I'm at it fire most of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court" Goguen, ditto for Marie Parente.

This was all realized again on Saturday when Brian and Amy whinned for the good part of the hour about how none of the legislators wanted to take up their pet causes. Even some of the legislators who voted for the anti-marriage equality amendment refused to put their name on Article 8/Massresistance's stuff. One Republican lawmaker "told" Brian he couldn't be on their side to remove the MA SJC because he was a lawyer.

Of course, Brian refused to name any of the legislators on his "side" (for fear they would be targeted like the tactics that Article 8/Massresistance/Mass "Family" Institute has done in the past to the pro-marriage equality lawmakers?) If you do want to see who's been on their side go to Take Mass Action's Election Analysis here. I was going to provide a link on Article 8/Massresistance's website but for some strange reason their removed their analysis from their website (but I still have a copy of it so I will post it here in the future) we still need to keep watching them.

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This article on Townhall is an interesting story of Camenker's downward spiral, from passionate to just plain obsessed: