Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's the Reason I Started This Blog!

An alert reader posted a link to a TownHall.com article which is written by a man who used to be a friend of Brian Camenker, Dean Barnett. The article is called Me and Brian Camenker. It's noteworthy to point out that the TownHall.com's radio personalities are all on the radio station that Brian and Amy do their Saturday radio show. You can read the full article here, but here are a few snippets (emphasis mine):

For this news cycle anyway, Brian Camenker has emerged as a thorn in Mitt Romney’s side. A long time fixture on the fringe of Massachusetts politics, Camenker and his organization, MassResistance, have steadily expressed their disappointment with Mitt Romney as well as virtually every other Massachusetts Republican. One important note – Camenker’s MassResistance verges on being a hate group. Its disappointment with Romney and his Republican predecessors in the Massachusetts’ gubernatorial office is that they haven’t been sufficiently hostile to homosexuals.

There was also the issue of Brian’s feelings regarding homosexuality. Brian opposed anything that the schools might do that taught tolerance for homosexuals, not on the practical ground that scarce resources for education should be used solely for, you know, education, but rather on a "moral" ground that teaching tolerance for homosexuality was somehow immoral. I found this repugnant, and was not shy about saying so at Ward and City Committee Meetings. Additionally, it was bad politics. One other note - I also thought that Brian’s concerns regarding homosexuality were deepening into an obsession.
He even talks about the ridiculousness of Article 8/Massresistance's obsession last year with the Macy's mannequins. You really have to read it for yourself.

When the people who are supposed to be on your side are saying these things, I do believe it's time to pack it up.


Anonymous said...

Brian Camenker is a social liberal. There is nothing conservative about him. He claims to be fighting for children and against marriage for gays. This somehow gives him "Conservative" status. Give me more than this. I question anyone with the determination with which Camenker and his people have used to go after one man. There is a hidden agenda.

The interesting thing is that to argue with these people only adds to their "credibility". Maybe this is what they're after - Credibility. The Democrat "machine" (MSM, Education, and Hollywood) as well as many lefty blogs are adding to their credibility because their ramblings are becoming a vacuum where anyone who tries to discredit Romney have only there to go because he's so squeaky clean. How many blogs quote these people now? There are a few MSM's that are doing the same.

The Camenker voice is speaking volumes which is dangerous because of the lack of truths that have been expressed by these people and the lack of fact finding from the left themselves. They're creating a sticky wall where nothing is going unchecked and there is only one source. This source is getting close to where it can make up other things for Romney and for sure it will either stick or be noted.

To say that Romney started gay marriage in Massachussets as well as pass off stories about his personal sexual life where there's no proof is very, very dangerous and irresponsible, and these people need to be called on it. If no else in this vacuum is going to do that then all you can do is try to push back. Evangelicals for Mitt and the Romney Committee is trying to do this with a small microphone.

Camenker IS STILL A SOCIAL LIBERAL! He is the Social Liberal wolf hiding is sheeps clothing. While he may be truly for these issues that he so fights for I don't see anything else conservative about him or the things that him and his people are doing. Paul Weyrich is only a pawn doing Camenker's bidding. Camenker knows that he can't be the big voice because he's still kooky to the left except when he speaks out about Romney, and so he uses the others in his and the other groups that are following in his steps to provide that voice.

As Romney gets more attention, guaranteed his voice will get stronger but for now we can't let Camenker and his people get away with not telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Brian Cameker is a person filled with hate. he is also quite ignorant. Because of you Bostonbud, I sometimes listen in to the show. I am not sure how these people can discuss topics that they are totally ignorant to. For anyone with a brain, this show, it's participants and the hatefulness they expund, are more than anything any intelligent person can listen to. Your right, Brian and Amy need to pack up and go to a nice conservative state that agree with all their hateful intolerant attacks on anything that doesn't suit them and the way they think.

Anonymous said...

Brian Camenker is a social liberal?

On what planet?

Anonymous said...

LOL C'mon! Paul Weyrich is the biggest social liberal of them all!

Here's how to works. I love Mitt with the lemming like devotion of a thousand suns. Mitt is a conservative nut, and because Camenker doesn't like him, due to the fact that Camenker is even more of a right wing lunatic, that makes Camenker a social liberal! Don't you get it? Mitt's a conservative, and if Camenker has a problem with him, that makes him a liberal!

Trust me, get the lobotomy. I did, and now I understand politics and ideology so much better.