Sunday, January 28, 2007

Who's Trying to Buy Massachusetts?

In a Boston GLOBE article today, it is reported that Vote On Marriage, the anti-gay, anti-marriage group reported its contributions for 2006: more than doubled its contributions from the year before, with big-money donations coming from broader "family"-oriented organizations: Colorado-based Focus on the Family contributed $74,632; Citizens for Community Values in Ohio gave $50,000: and the Wakefield-based Coalition for Marriage and Family gave $40,500.

But individual donors also contributed:
John McNeice , a Canton retiree, gave $26,600; real estate executive John DeMatteo of Wellesley gave $10,000; and Winchester retiree Andrew Mills gave $30,000

AND, if this amendment goes to the ballot expect to see more homophobic dollars flow into the the Commonwealth. I'm sure the Legislators will love that, because after this amendment goes to the voters (if it makes it that far) and the Commonwealth votes discrimination into the Constitution, the outside money will dry up (Focus on the Family will start going after divorce next). BUT, we citizens of Massachusetts will still be here and we will still be giving money to Marriage Equality supporters AND we will be running candidates against those who voted to put discrimination into the Constitution. We are NOT going away and you can take THAT to the bank.


Anonymous said...

But individual donors also contributed:

John McNeice , a Canton retiree, gave $26,600;

real estate executive John DeMatteo of Wellesley gave $10,000;

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and Winchester retiree Andrew Mills gave $30,000

Anonymous said...


You gotta start checking out Bay Windows on a regular basis! We had that story on Thursday. We listed the big money donors, the church groups and businesses that gave. We also listed the big names who gave (including Cardinal Sean O'Malley.)

Susan Ryan-Vollmar

bostonph said...

The name John DeMatteo sounded really familiar. Google found why - the Globe Magazine ran an article in May about affluent families with large numbers of children and stay at home moms.

The DeMatteo's were the lead family in the article:

Anonymous said...

Andy Mills was the CEO of Thomson Financial.

Andy is the former CEO of the Thomson Financial and Professional Publishing unit of The Thomson Corporation, where he was also a member of the Board. Andy was responsible for all of Thomson’s financial, legal and tax businesses, a large grouping of industry leading businesses including First Call (which he helped co-found) and West Publishing. The revenue for his group was in excess of $3.5 Billion with over 20,000 people worldwide.

In addition to being on the board of Lightbridge Inc. and ISO Inc., Andy devotes much of his time to Christian ministry, in particular as an active board member of The King’s College in NYC, Hope Christian Church in Winchester MA, The State Board of the Salvation Army for Massachusetts, Lexington Christian Academy, The Marketplace Network and Camp-Of-The-Woods in upstate New York.

Anonymous said...

Hey---about "gays" homosexuals, that is---staying "married"---it's EASY to stay "married" when either partner allows the other to have sex with anything that moves, or maybe even things that don't move!