Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Is Romney's Congressional Liaison Gay?

Hat tip to the Phoenix's Talking Politics blog for this gem:

The Romney "exploratory" campaign today announced that Louisiana Congressman Jim McCrery will be Romney's congressional liaison, i.e. the guy trying to get other GOP congressmen to endorse Romney.

Way way back in 1992, the Advocate reported that McCrery was a closet homosexual. McCrery, a staunch gay-rights opponent, has always denied it. As far as I know, there's never been anything new to the allegation, but his name periodically pops up in discussions about supposedly hypocritical gay Republicans (such as during the Mark Foley scandal).

So, it would be entirely inappropriate to suggest that Mitt Romney's congressional liaison is gay. That would be wrong. Tempting, but very, very wrong....

I'm guessing Massresistance/Brian Camenker isn't aware of this one yet because I'm sure it will make their website, I mean another hint that Romney is working with homosexuals!!!!

I did a google search of Rep. McCrery & the word "gay" and it gives over 18,000 hits (and they're not only talking about him voting for the anti-gay federal marriage amendment either!)

In full disclosure I should note that Rep. McCrery has a wife and two kids just like other confirmed heterosexual men, for example the Rev. Ted Haggard, so I'm sure the Advocate just got it wrong when they said he was gay in a 1992 article.

Come to think of it, that was about the same time Romney was courting the Log Cabin Republicans for his run for the Massachusetts Senate. Wow...what a coincidence!

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