Sunday, January 7, 2007

Intellectually Dishonest, of course!

You probably wouldn't have caught it if you listened to their radio show yesterday but Brian Camenker and ilk don't support Mass "Family" Institute's marriage amendment (the casual listener wouldn't have gotten that from all the back slapping and congratulations that was going on.) If you're daring enough you can see on the Article 8/Massresistance website that there is a letter affirming their stance against the amendment (of course Brian Camenker is also one of the signers of the amendment so that really makes NO sense but then again, has he ever?). Here are a couple of snippets:
We, the undersigned, do hereby declare our opposition to the newly proposed marriage amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution, announced by the ballot-question committee on June 16, 2005.

We are troubled that VoteOnMarriage claims that nullifying the same-sex "marriages" (performed prior to their amendment's enactment) would not be possible, because the U.S. Constitution prohibits ex post facto laws. This is misleading and untrue. An ex post facto law makes illegal an act that was legal when committed (or increases the penalties for an infraction after its commission, or changes the rules of evidence to make conviction easier).

I had thought that Brian and Amy were going to be intellectually honest and voice their opinion however that was not the case. Did you ever hear Amy ask what would happen if the people voted the amendment down like she asked a failed Massachusetts Rep. candidate a couple of weeks ago? No, they were both so happy that the gay community suffered any kind of a setback, no matter how small, that they were ready to smother their guest with kisses.

You see, it's really not about the process or the democracy or the "activist" judges for that matter (they were thrilled Vote on Marriage went to the courts). It's all about the hate.

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