Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Final "Successes" # 21, 22 & 23

Yes, we are in the home stretch! And now, the last of the "successes":

Number 21:

Host weekly radio show on WTTT 1150 AM Boston (Salem Radio Network), broadcast twice weekly and available on website, the only Boston media taking on controversial pro-family issues. (Oct. 2005-ongoing)
Make that the past tense, HOSTED. When they were kicked off the air they blamed Mitt Romney (go figure). They ended up at a radio station in Cambridge until they were gone from that one too. In both instances they had to pay the station to put them on the air. The Cambridge station made an announcement before and after their show which stated that the views of the show DID NOT reflect the radio station or it's managment. Their biggest audience appeared to be the gay community who played the MassResistance Drinking game, they took a drink every time Brian said "Oh man" on the air. Most of the audience was drunk within 5 minutes which made the show even more funnier.

Number 22:
Pro-family voice at conventions and conferences, most recently at Values Voters Conference (Washington, D.C., 3/06), Vermont Renewal (9/06), Christian Civic League of Maine (10/06).
They LOVE LOVE LOVE to call themselves "pro-family" yet they haven't actually helped any families. (If you have to call yourself "pro-family" it's because you're not and people just thing you're a hate group) It's no surprise that Brian would be on the anti-gay conference circuit. It was probably one of these conventions that brought them to the attention of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Number 23:

Published nationally significant reports, "The Mitt Romney Deception" (recently discussed on the FoxNews "Brit Hume" national TV show) and "Mitt Romney: Father of Gay Marriage" which continue to reverberate on the national political and media scene. These reports explained Romney's liberal positions and actions over the years, and document his unconstitutional directives to his Dept. of Public Health, Justices of the Peace, and Town Clerks throughout Massachusetts which began same-sex "marriages" in 2004. (Nov. 2006-ongoing)
"Nationally significant reports" LOL. They published nationally significant reports like I publish this blog, online and no one reads them. Their delusions are both funny AND sad. Real conservatives think they're crazy.

Well, that's the mile long version of all the "good" things that MassResistance claims to do. I'd write more but I'm working on a MAJOR PROJECT, which is underway.

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bostonph said...

In fairness, MR isn't wild about other conservative groups, either. Who can forget Amy Contrada's anti-MFI rant after the concon?


VoteOnMarriage's campaign failed because the debate was boiled down to "letting the people vote" and ensuring "children have both a mother and a father." But it left out the important truth about homosexual "marriage": It's based on immoral and unhealthy sexual perversions. Morality and public health needed to be part of the debate.

But VoteOnMarriage (and its prime actor, Massachusetts Family Institute) never spoke about these issues. Why didn't they say plainly that disordered sexuality cannot become an accepted basis for "marriage"?

As you say it's both funny AND sad, especially when juxtaposed with her claims not to vilify homosexuals.