Thursday, April 3, 2008

Open Letter to Wikipedia

Thanks to a reader, I came across the following entry from Brian Camenker to Jacob of Wikipedia:

I don't think you understand what's going on. There are three main issues:
1. The person who keeps changing my page is a homosexual activist who maintains this website: This site is extremely hateful; the person is not an unbiased editor.

2. MassResistance has done literally hundreds of things that could be mentioned. We could have a list of things a mile long. We have been praised by lots of well-known people such as Alan Keyes and Michael Reagan, for instance. We've also been called bad things by homosexual activists. To pick a small sample of negative things does everyone a disservice.

3. Southern Poverty Law Center is an extremist group that has named several conservative groups "hate groups". They admitted to us that we have not committed any overtly hateful acts, they just think we're hateful. If you include them here, then we should be able to do the same thing to the left-wing groups -- declare them "hate groups" and then edit their entries Unfortunately, if you're going to allow this to happen to me personally and our group, MassResistance, you will open the door to an enormous amount of edit warring from the thousands of supporters we have. Why not either (1) just remove our entries or (2) allow an entry that just describes the group?

The post you put up for MassResistance is NOT unbiased. It picks out a few negative "facts" among the hundreds of positive things that could be said. Please at least give me some indication that you've read this. This really needs to be resolved before it gets out of control.

Brian Camenker

PS: Let me add something else:

1. There is a sentence in the posting:
MassResistance's website often targets the transgender community and they have been criticized for promoting anti-gay studies that lack scientific merit. This is absurd. Some fringe website makes a statement about us and you insist on including it? Also, if you read their article carefully, it's clear that we're being called "Christian Right". Everything we've promoted DOES have scientific merit.

2. The blob "MassResistanceWatch" is run by two incredibly hateful homosexual activists who have threatened us in the past. At one point, we had to get the Attorney General involved from this activity. DO NOT include them on any serious posting

Is it any surprise that the leader of a Hate Group would either want you to white wash the truth or delete it entirely? Please, please, please peruse their website AND their blog. Read about the phony press releases they've sent out. They even bring up a story about the Attorney General but they don't tell you that the AG's office banned them from contacting their office because they kept pestering (warning, this is a link to another SPLC hate group) the attorneys (including posting their telephones so other could do the same):
Amy continues to live in fear of being terrorized by these sick, depraved animals. And Amy's local Acton, MA police department (978-264-xxxx) and Denise Barton at the Mass. Attorney General's office (617-727-xxxx) continue to avoid this like the plague. In fact, Denise Barton actually told Amy that Amy's now prohibited from phoning her -- only Amy's lawyer (if she has one) is allowed to communicate with Barton's office! Your tax dollars at work.

They've actually tried to erase the above references but I have the original emails and websites. It appears they are doing the same thing to Jacob and Wikipedia. Brian Camenker/MassResistance/Article 8 Alliance/Parents Right Coalition are masters of intimidation.


schag said...


I need to catch my breath. Their insane postings crack me up!

I kept following your links to that website with the story about the "break-in" at Amy's house - the one with the picture where someone wrote 'LEAVE" in the dust on her coffee table - LOL!

Not only are they insane bigots, but, damn, Amy is a messy pig as well! That's a lot of dust girl!

John Hosty-Grinnell said...

Your really doing a great job of keeping the spotlight on them and catching their lies. I'm proud to have a link to this blog on my websight!

bostonph said...


You left Brian Camenker's professed ability to read minds:

Here's a recent example:

As often happens at these kinds of speeches, it appeared that nearly all of the homosexual activists had never heard these arguments before. They were clearly affected by them. You could see the confusion (and a little anger) in their eyes as their ideological world was being taken apart. Plus, they were so used to dealing with this issue in an emotional and illogical way that they are rhetorically crippled when forced to deal on a logical and factual basis.

The more rational explanation is Ryan Sorba's arguments are so thoroughly discredited that they were stunned anyone would use them. He's still claiming that homosexuality is caused by abuse, for example. His book actually cites the Pink Swastika as a source...

Molly said...

Oh fer...welcome to the Interwebs, Brian, where anyone can read your public writings, and anyone can edit a Wikipedia article. That's the entire POINT of a wiki, after all.

Don't you just love how MR squawks to be taken seriously and then when they are, they try to weasel out of it? "Take us seriously, but not THAT seriously...we're not a hate group, we just think a segment of the population doesn't deserve the same rights and privileges as everyone else! Is that so wrong?"