Sunday, April 6, 2008

MassResistance "Successes" #15, 16, & 17

They are just so successful it's blinding:

Number 15:

Exposed "Youth Pride" and BAGLY "trans" Prom, and Boston Pride events including children, partly funded with taxpayer money. (2005, 2006)

Once again, what exactly did MassResistance expose? It has never been a secret! There is a Youth Pride parade through the streets of downtown Boston, schools from all over the Commonwealth participate. The BAGLY Prom is held in Boston's City Hall. (My husband and I chaperoned at one of the BAGLY proms. I did hear that there was some crazy woman snapping photos of the teens as they were lining up to get in and even tried to crash the party.

And what's with this "Boston Pride events including children" thing. Yeah...there are LOTS of gay parents and they take their children out to events, like Gay Pride. There has been so many children that the event organizers have a small area for parents and their tykes.

Number 16:

Documented and publicized homosexual radicals' riot outside Focus on the Family's "Love Won Out" conference at Tremont Temple Baptist Church in Boston. (Oct. 2005)

Out of all the news media in Boston: Channel 4, 5, 7 and local cable news, MassResistance just happened to be the ONLY people who thought it was a riot, the police didn't even have second thoughts. (MassResistance also didn't consider it a riot then either, read their take where they call it a "near-riot", I guess that doesn't bring the money in like just plain ole riot) Again, what MassResistance doesn't tell you was that there was a Peace March that same day and some of the people marched outside of the anti-gay conference. They also don't tell you that the MassResistance "reporter" was yelled at by police because she was practically inciting a riot with her photography. I wrote about it here when it happened.

Number 17:

Pressured Macy's Department Store to remove Boston Pride promotion in "transsexual mannequins" window display, through massive grassroots action. This incident made the national and international media -- as far away as Australia and London. (June 2006)

The famous mannequin debacle! This has really got to be the funniest of the intimidation tactics that MassResistance/Article 8 has employed over the past few years. This crazy group was upset because of mannequins, AND they actually went through the store and took photos of "normal" mannequins to prove their point that the mannequins in the window were transgender, believe it or not. Of course, they wouldn't print the apology that Macy's wrote to Boston's gay community when Macy's themselves said they removed the mannequins due to miscommunication and not pressure from any group.

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