Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Where Have All the Tallies Gone?

Well, it doesn't take MassResistance long to do somethings! I blogged on Friday about their fundraising, or should I say, lack of fundraising. Sure enough, today, April 14, they took down their tally board:

Alas, how will we every know if and when they reach their $150,000 fundraising goal?

Similarly, there is a post over at Pam's House Blend about Porno Pete and his failure to destroy the "Homosexual Agenda". "The Peter", as Pam calls him, is very much like MassResistance's Brian Camenker. Their biggest similarity outside of being obsessed with gay people, is that both Brian and Pete make their livings off of the gay community, or rather, at the expense of the gay community.

As we're seeing all over the country, it's not profitable anymore to go after the gays and these guys are lining their pockets with anti-gay money. So I'll end this post with a comment from the Blend about Pete's future:
He's gotta be worried sick about his funding drying up in the near future. I mean, where would someone with his background, lifelong homosexual investigator, find a job in the real world to support a family of 7?


Allan said...

I am guessing that before long a "mystery" donner whose indentity is only know to Brian, Amy and Alfred the butler, will step forward and MR will reach their goal.

BTW where in the world is Amu Contrda? She emerged way back on March 28th to announce that every Gay group in America is a hate group. I can hardly wait to see what this special research project is she is working away on.

bostonph said...

In the meantime, David Parker's posturing is getting ever sillier. Here he is talking about teaching that gay parents exist:


Parker said if this topic is approved, why not any other topic, up to and including Nazism?