Wednesday, April 2, 2008

MassResistance "Successes" #5 - 8

More pathetic excuses for successes.

Number 5:
Publicized the notorious David Parker incident across the country (Lexington father jailed for demanding his rights to opt his child out of homosexual subject matter in kindergarten); exposed and documented this story in detail. From our efforts, this has gotten extensive national press. (2005-ongoing)

This has been written about extensively. Just a quick correction to MassResistance's false statement about the arrest: David Parker was jailed because he refused to leave an elementary school when the principle and the police told him he would be arrested if he didn't. Coincidentally, MassResistance was right there ready with their cameras to document the event. Oh, and MassResistance also publicized a phony story that David Parker's son was beat up because of his father's views.

Number 6:
Exposed Chief Justice Margaret Marshall's violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct in ruling on same-sex "marriage". (April 2005-on)

Exposed what? Massachusetts Supreme Court Justice Margaret Marshall was never cited for any violations of the judicial code. Don't you think if the Supreme Court Justice of Massachusetts' Supreme Judicial Court violated anything it would be news. Brian's friend, J. Edward Pawlick (MassNews) was obsessed with Margaret Marshall and her husband and wrote about them incessantly, even to the point of pondering what they talked about at breakfast. MassResistance, then called the Article 8 Alliance, even had a man don drag as Margaret Marshall and burn a mock Massachusetts Constitution.

Number 7:

Successfully led fight to stop dangerous bills filed in the Mass. Legislature for: mandatory sexuality and homosexuality education in schools; decriminalization of bestiality and sodomy; and legalization of homosexual "marriage" through statute. Mobilized hundreds to testify, thousands to contact legislators. (2006)

Again, what they don't tell you is that they didn't stop the constitutional convention from voting down the discriminatory marriage amendment which would have banned Equal marriage in Massachusetts or the earlier one that would have banned civil unions too. MassResistance somehow takes credit for every bill that doesn't get passed except when it's their own bill then they somehow, like that old saying, try and make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

Number 8:

Successfully helped pro-family state legislators hold seats when opposed in primaries by homosexual activist challengers funded by national GLBT groups. Organized volunteers and phone banking, and did district-wide mailings. (2004)

This was when, 2004! That was the year that same sex couples could start legally getting married in Massachusetts. When other states were amending their constitutions to ban same sex marriages, Massachusetts residents voted in MORE pro-marriage equality legislators than ever before. That's proabably why they mention "primaries" since most of their "pro-family" legislators were voted out. In 2004 they had a HUGE loss when Vinnie Ciampa lost because of a write in canidate. They said then: "Remember, if Vinnie Ciampa loses, we all lose"

Just a quick note to say that you should head over to MassNews which is still up dispite J. Edward Pawlick's passing. You can still the insane rants he wrote about Massachusetts and also read about MassResistance's beginnings when they were the Article 8 Alliance and the Parent's Right Coalition. It's a must read!

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