Thursday, April 3, 2008

MassResistance "Successes" # 9 - 12

Feel free to email me with any of your own descriptions of MassResistance's successes which can be found here.

Number 9:

Fought homosexual "marriage" ruling in Legislature: Wrote and filed bills to strengthen marriage definition in Mass. statute, and declare same-sex "marriages" null/void & without statutory basis. (2004-6)

Those bill's they "wrote and filed", yeah, didn't get passed and that ruling in the Legislature, didn't need it since same sex couples have happily been getting married since May 2004. They put marriage in quotes and keep stating that gay couples aren't legally married, but there is no basis for this poor arguments, NO ONE agrees with them.

Number 10:

Wrote, prepared and got conservative legislators to file Bill of Address in Legislature to remove judges who handed down same-sex "marriage" ruling -- the unique Constitutional remedy for judges who abuse their power. (2004-6)

This one is especially hilarious! This was the whole basis for their "Article 8 Alliance", removing the four judges from the Massachusetts SJC. MassNews even got into the act and had planes flying over Massachusetts a la Wicked Witch of the West. I believe there was only one legislator who even signed on to this ridiculous "Bill of Address" (and that guy retired before he got voted out). Even former Governor Mitt "Did you hear the one about Massachusetts" Romney didn't even go for this one.

Number 11:

Successfully pressured Gov. Romney to not issue further Proclamations celebrating "Youth Pride Day" in his 3rd and 4th year in office. (2005, 2006)

Because I'm sure that Mitt's Presidential candidacy had NOTHING at all to do with him not issuing Youth Pride Day proclamations (those were the years he was doing he conservative flip) and it was all because of MassResistance, sure, no problem, nothing to see here, move along.

Number 12:

Exposed horrific hardcore homosexual "Little Black Book" and transgender workshops -- pornographic information given to children at a GLSEN conference held at Brookline High School. Incident continues to get national attention. (2005)

Here's one of the "successes" that they list that is partly true. Fenway Community Health had ten copies of the Little Black Book at their booth by accident, apparently a MassResistance person found the copies and turned it into "hundreds of copies were handed out". They even appologized for the mistake. Yet it took Article 8 over two weeks to alert the media! Why so long? This is what I wrote in 2005:

Article 8 claims to have "exposed" this escapade. Ten books were on a table at the Fenway Community Health Center's table at a school's Gay Day on April 30th.
It took Article 8 over two weeks (they didn't announce it until a press conference on May 17th) to actually mention the book. If they cared so much about the children why didn't they have a press conference on May 1st? Article 8 members supposedly picked up the brochure on the 30th so what took so long?(sounds like the Bush administration's reaction to Hurricane Katrina) Furthermore, the book was modeled after a similar book in Washington State, a place that doesn't have same sex marriage, how can that be? Using Article 8's logic Massachusetts should have come up with it first, what gives?

I'm sure more people have seen this STD prevention manual from Article 8's website than when it was in print. Thanks Brian for doing STD outreach!


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Have you seen 'ol Brian's latest "threat" to Wikipedia?

"Unfortunately, if you're going to allow this to happen to me personally and our group, MassResistance, you will open the door to an enormous amount of edit warring from the thousands of supporters we have. Why not either (1) just remove our entries or (2) allow an entry that just describes the group?"


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"Thousands of supporters"