Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Who's Who of Nobodies

I was over at Massresistance/Article 8/Parent's Rights Coaltion/et al and I was reading their current headline:

Twenty-two prominent conservatives take major conservative magazine to task in public letter. roundly criticized for publishing “puff pieces” after $10,000 donation from Romney camp. More.
So I was interested in who these 22 "prominent" conservatives were so I clicked on the link. Lo and behold I had a HUGE laugh, just look at these "prominent" conservatives:

Sandy Rios, President, Culture Campaign
Dr. Scott Lively**, Esq, Defend the Family International (signing as a private citizen) holocaust-revisionist
Larry Cirignano**, Esq. (former Executive Director, Catholic Vote) up on civil rights and assault charges
Dr. William Greene, President, PAC who?
Linda Harvey**, Founder, Mission America like Brian is the head of her own organization
Peter LaBarbara**, President, Americans for Truth-Action (signing as a private citizen) AKA Porno Pete
Gary Glenn, Chairman, Campaign for Michigan Families Another Who?
Michael S. Heath**, Executive Director, Christian Civic League of Maine
Rev. Ted Pike, National Prayer Network thinks the Jews are behind the DaVinci Code
C. J. Doyle, Director, Catholic Action League (Massachusetts) confirmed bachelor (is he still living with Mom?)
Brian Camenker*******, President, MassResistance
Diane Gramley**, President, American Family Association of Pennsylvania, (signing as a private citizen)
Ray Neary, Director, Pro-Life Massachusetts/Project Parent (former President, Massachusetts Citizens for Life)
John Haskins, Parents' Rights Coalition
John Russo, Marriage and Family, Massachusetts
Carol McKinley, Co-Founder, Faithful Voice, veteran Massachusetts political activist
Mark Charalambous, Spokesman, The Fatherhood Coalition (Massachusetts)
Amy Contrada**, Director of Operations, MassResistance
Guy Adams, Dir., ValuesUSA (signing as a private citizen)
Rev. Roger Anghis, President,
Linda Kimball, Patriots And Liberty
Nedd Kareiva, Director, Stop the ACLU Coalition

**Obsessed with Gay people and could probably make a living out of their anti-gay activism.

(There are so many nobodies that I got tired of googling them all. You would think if they were that prominent they would be well known, I guess not! Feel free to share your knowledge of these nobodies in the comments section)

It's a virtual Who's Who of inconsequential people. It starts off with Sandy "I used to be with the Concerned Women of America" Rios, a divorced woman who I'm sure is concerned with family values and it includes the three losers from Massresistance (and as Bostonph points out, Amy is listed as Director of Operations, LOL). The rest are people who don't even blip the radar and they're supposed to be "prominent"!

Talk about trying to make oneself appear important! I'm sure Romney is shaking in his shoes.

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bostonph said...

The bottom of the list has some choice nuggets as well. In addition to Amy Contrada finally "outing" herself as an officer of MassResistance (Director of Operations, no less), there are a couple of otheres whose CVs made me laugh out loud.

Let's start with C.J. Doyle associate and "veteran Massachusetts political activist" Carol McKinley. You may remember her from the Magisterial Fidelity blog which devoted itself to stopping anti-Catholic bigotry, by attacking OTHER CATHOLICS (e.g. all members of Voice of the Faithful). She's now moved on to Catholic Pundit Watch, a blog devoted to criticizing priests who stray from her interpretation of Church law and policy. Her latest entry is an attack on a priest who dared to talk about Harry Potter in an outreach sermon to kids.

Bext is Nedd Kareiva, Director of Stop the ACLU Coalition. A quick look at the site shows that the "coalition" officers are really just him. Nedd got his start in political activism fighting "unconstitutional seat belt laws." He believes "believes the government is intruding where it has no Constitutional authority to do so like public education, Medicare, prescription drugs, seat belt laws, our tax system and pork barrel spending." His background? A degree in Biblical studies, 3.5 years working for the city of Chicago, a stint as the "singles director" for a church, and 13 years as a PROFESSIONAL SCRABBLE PLAYER.

The others aren't quite as humorous. Rev. Roger Anghis' believes separation of Church and State is a Free Speech violation, since churches should be able to be politically active. Linda Kimball 's "Patriots And Liberty" organization turns out be her (really lame) blog. Mark Charalambous's Fatherhood Coalition is dedicated to ending "the discrimination and persecution faced by divorced and unwed fathers." You get the idea. A

It would all be rather sad, if it weren't so unintentionally funny.