Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Heterosexuals Gone Bad

Here's another installment of "Heterosexuals Gone Bad" (no gay people were part of these horrendous stories):

It's a wonder that heterosexuals are allowing to have children at all.

A domestic disturbance where the husband beat the wife, now she's dead. At the same link is another disturbing story about someone leaving messages and female underwear in Qunicy.

It wasn't her girlfriend who did it, it was her boyfriend, the father of the youngest of her 3 children. Now those kids won't have a mother or a father.

And one a National Level:

There is also a report that one of these two players is accused of a gay bashing in Washington DC.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to start taking screen shots of MassResistance. Yet again they threw something up on the 'blog', only to take it down soon after. This time it was a nasty-gram to MFI regarding the letter MFI sent to legislators distancing itself from the crazies at Article8/MassResist (see Baywindows for details). The time before it was an Easter 'poem' which began "You are heterosexual". I guess the folks at MassResist just don't support their own rhetoric, or else they'd post whatever they pleased. That is, after all, what real blogs are all about, correct?

Anonymous said...

That's not even the second time she did that. If you look through the archives of Massresistancewatch I think Boston Bud started this blog with a post she had deleted.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I found the one Bud posted here

Anonymous said...

She accuses others of having no balls yet she doesn't have the guts to stand behind her comments. It amazes me that this gutless wonder doesn't ever use her last name on the MassResistance radio show. I don't know of another show anywhere in the media where this is the case. To me she is the scum of the earth.