Friday, April 21, 2006

Same Time THIS Year

Gay People exist. Same sex couples ARE getting married in Massachusetts (and around the world.) Same sex couples HAVE and WILL CONTINUE to have children. And, as Amy from Article 8 so eloquently said last week on their radio show, approval of this MFI's anti-gay marriage amendment will still allow thousands of same sex couples to stay married which Article 8's leader, Brian Camenker, should know since he signed the petition for amendment.

But some people still deny reality and want to get into that time machine...
  • It's Lexington;
  • a book which shows positive images of gay people is in a classroom;
  • that school is Estabrook;
  • A parent complains;
  • Article 8 lists the emails from the parent to the school on its website;
  • Article 8 sends out an email decrying indoctrination of youth;
  • They send out the press releases a month after the "incident" happens.

No, the parents aren't the Parkers, nor is it 2005, but the story is essentially the same just the players are different, they're the Wirthlins and their son is in 2nd grade.

Apparently "The Wirthlins" are "livid" because they were not notified to opt their child out of the reading of the book because (as Article 8 writes) "gay marriage is legal" and they [the school] may describe homosexual relationships to their son in second grade"

There's one section from their email which I wanted to point out:

This is a children's book about homosexual romantic love and "marriage". Its purpose is to normalize homosexuality in the mind of a child, using the vehicle of a children's fairy tale. It was brought into the classroom by the teacher for that reason, and read to the kids for that reason.

I'm sure they're right, just like the Curious George books normalized us to chimps with men or "The Gingerbread Man" normalized us to egotistical talking cookies. Oh Please! Gay people ARE normal, we do not need to be normalized in anyone's mind. Their prejudice is THEIR problem NOT OURS. That children's book is no different than Sleeping Beauty or Snow White (who were both awoken with a kiss from a prince). This isn't calculus people, this is love.

We pay more taxes and our children go to school right next to those children whose parents want to shield them from reality. Our children have every right to hear about families that are like them and the schools should represent all the families.

That Lexington couple does have a choice however, they can take their kid out of school and place them in a private school that caters to their prejudices or move out of state. Gay marriage is here to stay whether the marriage amendment passes or not.

Addition (4-21-060): The Globe covers this story. The last line of the article says it all:

The Wirthins contacted his group [Parent's Rights Coalition/Article 8] for help in dealing with Lexington schools.



Biology Teacher said...

There seems to be a pattern of parents not wanting their children to learn about the world. Gee, I wonder if the Wirthins believe in evolution?

Rieux said...

I think it's interesting that the Amazon reviewers (the professional ones) seem to agree that the artwork in the challenged book, "King and King," really stinks.

So this story would be much funnier if the parents were demanding that "King and King" be removed (and replaced with "Daddy's Roommate" or "Jack and Jim") on the grounds of lousy art. It sounds like the Amazon reviewers might support that....

Flying Toaster said...

What's weird is that it's insanely expensive to live in Lexington, in part because of the reputation of the schools (that, the bike path, high property taxes, and bunches of liberals). So you'd expect that people paying to live there would do some due diligence. And it's public education, folks. If you don't want your kids there, either move or send them to private school.

With any luck, the Wirthlins and the Parkers will join the crowd of folks exiting the state. It sounds like they *belong* in Alabama!

Marcie said...

Add another "coincedence" to the list. Brian Camenker on the radio said that the Wirthins and the Parkers are neighbors.