Thursday, April 13, 2006

Importing Testimony

It wasn't enough for the Mass "Family" Institute to pay people to collect signatures for their anti-marriage amendment, they have now brought in people from other countries to "testify" at the Judicial hearing on the amendment. (Gee they don't want US Courts to be influenced by foreign decisions but apparently it's ok for State legislatures to be influenced)

Yes folks, MFI had to bring people from Canada to testify. Of course they bragged about it in their email updates:
Among the panels assembled by Massachusetts Family Institute were two excellent speakers, Louis DeSerres and Dawn Stefanowicz. "With same-sex marriage, we are now taking away the fundamental rights of our most vulnerable citizens, children," DeSerres explained to committee members. He referred to a recently released study in France, and the decision by that country to not only not legalize same-sex marriage, but to also reiterate its prohibitions against adoption and access to medically assisted reproduction for all same-sex couples. DeSerres, a Canadian citizen, said in his country, "adult homosexual rights have increased in weight to the point where they now trump children's rights and best interests."
And I thought they didn't like the French! Of course they discount any of the studies that have gone on in the US but foreign studies that boost their argument is OK!

The woman, Stefanowicz, talked about her experience in Canada as a child. (I'm guessing she's about 40ish?) Which means she was brought up in the 60's. Yeah, I'm sure there are no heterosexual adults who lived "that hippy lifestyle" and raised children like her. Wasn't that the premise of the TV show "Family Ties"? Anyway, Dawn Stefanowicz is the darling of anti-gay movement and has been making the rounds in the US after no one cared about her "story" in Canada.
"My father could not show affection or affirmation to females, making me believe it was better to be a boy," Dawn said in one of the more telling statements in her testimony. This statement goes right to the point that two mothers or two fathers cannot fill the needs that a mother and a father provide to a child. "Children have no voice when they grow up in a homosexual household. Children are unwillingly forced to tolerate their parent's sexual choices and living arrangements," she said.
Was she testifying against marriage or parenting? It sounds like her father might have just been a bad father, I don't think whether he was gay or not had anything to do with his parenting skills. I think the important this about her testimony is that she is an example that gay parents do not make their children gay.

Side Note: Catch Bay Windows today where MFI distances itself from Massachusetts Citizens for Marriage (MCM), Mass News, Article 8 and Massresistance. Even hate can't keep them together.


Didja menion... said...

Do you think Monsieur DeSerres mentioned to our Legislators that his organization, Vote Marriage Canada's Qu├ębec, endorsed 19 candidates in the last Federal election; of which 13 of them lost their races for Parliament? Did you think he bothered to say further that of the seven endorsed candidates that did win, six already were incumbants? With election victories like that, I think it's safe gay Canadians to go ahead and put that deposit down on the reception hall.

Anonymous said...

Laugh it up. Gay marriage in Canada is in its last days. By Thanksgiving the law will be repealed by a "Free" vote of Parliment.

Oh Canada said...

dream on --- Harper's weak government is unlikely to bring same sex marriage up; and if it does, the Liberals, the Bloc, and the NDP will vote it down. And even if you're right, all that means is that the provinces will be free to choose. Same sex marriage is here forever. Just like in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts and coming to a state near you.

Anonymous said...

anyone download the Easter poem that was up on massres blog friday morning? it began with 'you are heterosexual.' wonder why they removed it? anyone know how to mine the cache? it's a must-read for those who missed it!

Anonymous said...

Probably because they realized it wasn't anywhere close to a poem. Someone was hitting the bottle early yesterday at MR.

Anonymous said...

Dang. I missed it. All google shows for "you are heterosexual" is this joke. The student could easily be Amy Contrada, but it's no poem.

Student: "Sir..What does Crash Course in Logical Assumptions mean?"
Professor: "Well, it involves taking information that you have, forming assumptions using logic, and then creating new information. Let me try to answer your question by asking you a question. Do you own a car?"
Student: "Uh...Yes, I do."

Professor: "Well, then I can now logically assume that you drive."
Student: "Yes, I drive. "

Professor: "Then I can logically assume that you drive on weekends."
Student: "Yeah, I drive on weekends, I go out on dates."

Professor: "Then I can logically assume that you have date partners."
Student: "Well, yes, I have a girlfriend."

Professor: "Then I can logically assume that you are heterosexual."
Student: "Uh...hell yes! OK, I think I understand what this course is about now. Thanks a lot for your time."

Once outside, his friend asks him: "So, what's it all about?"
With the new knowledge he just received, he replies, "Its about using information and stuff...Let me answer your question by asking you a question. Do you own a car?"
"Uh...Then you're a homosexual, dude!"