Sunday, April 9, 2006

?Quien Proximo?

The upcoming hearing on the anti-gay marriage amendment and the recent rally in Boston on illegal immigration brought me back to the Constitutional Conventions in 2004. My friends and I attended each day of the convention. We took time off from work because this issue affects our daily lives unlike the bus loads of senior citizens and non English speaking people that the Mass Family Institute brought it.

The ConCon also came to mind because of all the talk the Right is doing now about the illegal immigrants and how they want them out.

When the State House opened we all rushed up to the gallery to gather. It was very clear who was for the amendment and who was against it. There were very large groups of non English speaking people shouting "One Man/One Woman". How did I know they were non English speaking? Well, I overheard them talking to each other and when I tried to engage them in conversation they couldn't (or wouldn't?) understand. Keep in mind that I wasn't praying over them or yelling at them, I was asking them why they were there.

I could see that someone had organized all these people to come there out for the amendment because they hadn't done it on their own. Which brings me up to the present. It was/is clear that the people who are rallying recently in Boston do have a vested interest in what's going on. Nobody bussed them in with promises of McDonald's or taught them to say "One Man One Woman" in English. However, it appears that the people who brought them in for the anti-gay marriage amendment have now abandoned them on immigration. They now support deporting them back to where they came from. "You did your job now don't let the door hit you in the ass". Who will they bus in for the next ConCon? (Seniors don't forget that gays and lesbians were not responsible for the Medicare fiasco either!)

The eerie part of all this is that at the ConCon I told some of them "You know after us, they will be coming after you." I guess I didn't realize how soon they would be thrown under the bus that brought them in.

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