Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Post Massresistance Didn't Want You To See

Well she's done it again. Apparently, Ms. Massresistance is posting like crazy and for some reason pulls her posts, why? A North Shore MRW reader captured her irrational and angry post. Read it for yourself (It was dated Monday, April 17, 2006):

MFI: Politeness Is the Chief Virtue
Bay Windows
reports that
Mass. Family Institute (MFI) thinks we're rude (!) and they're "distancing" themselves from the likes of us. (Yes, they appear to have spoken with Bay Windows! Why?)

It seems MFI sent a letter to all the Massachusetts state legislators begging them not to confuse them (MFI) with Article 8/MassResistance or the Pawlicks (Mass. Citizens for Marriage). For some reason, MFI didn't send us a copy of their letter, even after we politely asked!

MFI is the group behind the current horribly flawed marriage amendment. Tight with Dr. James Dobson's Focus on the Family, they like to be polite. They seem not to realize that the barbarians are at the gates. They don't think it's polite to reveal the unpleasant truth about homosexuality, or speak passionately to our representatives.

MFI believes it's a good political strategy to redefine "family" to include the new "families" made since same-sex "marriages" began in May 2004. And it's a REALLY good idea to send openly gay, activist legislators VERY POLITE postcards asking them to PLEASE "Let the people vote!" -- to confirm this ghastly redefinition of the family. An example of very polite testimony from MFI for their amendment:

The amendment is quite limited, as it only relates to "marriage" as such and says nothing one way or the other about benefits, civil unions, domestic partnerships-which are left to legislative rather than constitutional determination. It also only operates prospectively, and will not undo existing same-sex marriages that have been entered into under the authority of the Goodridge decision. ... Only the union of male and female can beget offspring, and only wives and husbands can provide children with a married mother and a father, which is the ideal arrangement for raising children. Obviously other parenting arrangements are possible, and they are allowed by law; but these should not be allowed to undermine the sense that children being raised by a married mother and father is optimal. Preserving the traditional definition of marriage is the least that can be done to make that point.

And MFI wants to distance itself from Brian Camenker and yours truly (Brian -- who is brave enough to expose things like "Fistgate" and the "Little Black Book"), and the Pawlicks (who were behind the PURE marriage amendment of a few years back). Now what did we do to earn the reputation of being "rude"? We suggested to citizens that it's OK to contact legislators at home if they can't reach them at their offices. (Reps did choose to run for public office, after all; and they must have caller ID and voice mail; and can choose not to answer their phones if they're eating dinner!) Or to demand that our reps preserve parental rights. Or that it's OK for citizens to be angry that there are bills filed by Mass. legislators advocating the de-criminalization of bestiality.

No, says MFI, don't be angry -- remain polite and calm. Beg -- but with poise -- for your voting rights. Everything will be OK. And don't be distracted by Article 8/MassResistance's alerts identifying those dangerous bills! (Reminds us of the videos of captured Westerners begging for their lives as the terrorists are about to shoot them in the head, or decapitate them. Weak and hopeless.)

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It's always lovely when they attack each other over who is more hateful.


theAguy said...


Don't you think it is odd that Article 8 claims to have recently held a sucessful banquet?

They never promoted this event on their web site or paid infomercial radio show.

They never said where it was being held or how many planed to attended. Or how many haters actually showed up.

We know how fond Brain is of taking his digital photos yet photos from " their sucessful" event" never turned up on their web site.

Could this have all been a dream Amy or Brain had one night like the mysterious doner who pledged $50,000 to Article 8 if they managed to raise an equal amount.

Any thoughts?


Mass Marrier said...

Oh, Bud, you barbarian you.


ryan charisma said...

Maybe Massresistance removed this piece because they realized they are wrong?

Just joking!

Anonymous said...

Looks like they got caught -- MR has put it back up. Gotta love the loonies!

Anonymous said...

And those colors!!! Horrors! Were they doing acid when they wrote it?

Anonymous said...

After she puts it back up she goes on another vacation. Who does she think she is, George Bush? I personally think she is having a nervous breakdown or worse than that an affair with Brian....

Rieux said...

Yup--it's back. I think you shamed her into it, Bud....

(And, of course, good job, "North Shore MRW reader.")

Anonymous said...

rieux - I don't think she can be shamed....

Anonymous said...

Did anyone follow the link to the Pawlicks? The article on Judge ireland is one of the most racist things I've read in a log, long time.

No wonder MFI is running as fast as it can. They've been reduced hiding behind the flimsiest of arguments (straight marriages are the best place for children) while the Pawlicks and Massresistance are out there exposing the horrible, bigoted truth behind the movement.