Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Kick Them When They're Down!

Agape Press is trying to put the pressure on Ford again since it's past failed attempt at a boycott didn't succeed. They even have a website to target Ford. I guess I'd suggest the "Christians" over at Agape Press should mosey over to the Human Rights Campaign's Corporate Equality Index to see the other companies who scored 100. That's right, if you're taking pictures with Kodak film you're supporting equality.

Do you use Saran Wrap or Windex? Should you use Pledge? How about Raid to get rid of those nasty bugs? Well, these are just some of products put out by SC Johnson, A family company, who is SO PROUD of earning a 100 on the HRC CEI that it put it on it's website:

" Johnson is pleased with this recognition from the Human Rights Campaign because this honor acknowledges our ongoing efforts to cultivate an inclusive culture," said SC Johnson President and CEO Bill Perez. "This second consecutive 100% score award is a testament to our continued commitment to respecting the individuality of all people."
Is your mortgage at Wells Fargo or do you have an insurance policy with Metlife? How about an Intel chip in your computer or a Motorola phone? Do you shop at Best Buy? Do you wonder "What's in Your Wallet" but have a Capital One credit card anyway. Well, you guessed it, all these companies scored 100 on the CEI.

Of course they are some companies who did not score well and rescinded its domestic partner benefits, Exxon Mobil anyone? But they are clearly in the minority (and there's always another gay station right next to them too).

I just wonder why the American "Family" Association is picking on Ford, but I have an idea. You see Ford recently laid off a lot of workers and is not doing all that great at the moment. I guess if they do go under AFA will take credit for it. Kind of like stabbing a corpse and taking credit for the murder.

AFA needs some kind of success in its boycotts, the 9 year Disney boycott yielded nothing except another 9 years of Gay Days.


Ryan Adams said...

Seriously, could the AFA create efforts that were any less meaningless? I'm sure they could come up with something better than that... Well, I guess I should be thanking my lucky stars.

Maybe I'll think about buy Ford next time. Some of their newer cars look sharp, even if they pale in comparison to Honda or Toyota.

Smart Shopper said...

I'm actually grateful that AFA puts out these boycotts --- I go out of my way to support those products.

Richard W. Lewis, Sr. said...

My nice blue Jaguar (a FORD product) will arrive on May First.

The big-bad-gay-people issue has been a primary fund raiser for the nutjobs. My question is who will be the next group to be targeted once they realize that the whole Gays are destroying the world scam stops producing revenue.