Friday, April 7, 2006

BIG Gay Expo

There's a big gay expo this weekend at the Bayside Expo and Executive Conference Center. They expect to have over 125 vendors including Marriott Vacations, American Airlines and some cryogenic companies, sounds interesting...along with various different kinds of entertainment. The hours are Sat. 10 to 8 and Sun. 10-6.

If you go be on the look out for those anti-gay voyeurs. They love showing up at gay events with their cameras and snapping pictures of the gay folk. I've heard that it is a fetish!


Anonymous said...

hmmm...they are here. They must have dished out the $15 to get in.

Steven Keirstead said...

I hate the fact they put that meaningless phrase "Gay Lifestyle" in the expo's title. There's no such thing as one gay lifestyle, and it just plays into stereotypes we do not need. I won't be there, I'll be printing in my darkroom then going to the Boston Public Library.

Anonymous said...

There was a guy here from taking pictures and essentially harrassing vendors. He ended up getting escorted out of the expo. They also made him delete all his pictures of his digital camera. So, I guess there will be no pix on the Article 8 web site.

Anonymous said...

Article8 sent out a mailing about the event, including a list of sponsors. Readers were pointed at sponsor and event contact information and encouraged to harrass them.

Never forget -- this people are obsessed homophobes. Here are Brian "I'm not a bigot" Camenker's words on the subject:

It's a little mind numbing: a serious business trade show on sexual perversion. But as we've observed, a huge part of the homosexual movement's larger strategy is the "mainstreaming" of homosexuality -- going to great lengths to portray what is essentially a destructive perversion as normal, natural and legitimate -- just another "lifestyle." And corporations (as well as corrupt government officials) are notorious for selling out to the highest bidder, no matter how it affects the rest of society. Maybe part of it is the kinds of people who work their way up the ranks of corporations and politics these days. Who knows? But unless good people stand up, this train will continue to roll.