Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mass News Must Have Missed This One

I came across an editorial in Mass Lawyers Weekly that I wanted to share with you all. If you recall, Lawyers Weekly was started by the anti-gay marriage J. Edward Pawlick of the "famed" Massnews. In just about every article written about him they always include the following:

after a distinguished career as the founder and CEO for twenty-five years of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, the bible for all lawyers in the state (and in seven other states before he sold the business in 1997).
So I was a bit astounded that Mass News never posted the editorial by Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, David L.Yas, Esq since he is the "guy in charge" now at the Mass Lawyers Weekly. Well, Ok, I know why Mass News hasn't posted it, look at the title:

Gay-marriage opponents: time to hang it up guys

You can probably find it on the Mass Lawyers Weekly website, however you will have to pay to view it. It's at page 34 MLW 1842.

Suffice it to say this heterosexual holds back no punches. He reminds us about how we were warned of chaos ensuing after same sex couples started marrying and that it didn't happen, well it only happened to those who want this new anti gay amendment:

He also gives a quick civics lesson by reiterating that the MA SJC gets paid to interpret the Constitution, it's what they do.

But the end, it made me laugh out loud. Those of you who read Mass News can attest to the daily updates of the "planes flying overhead" seeking Margaret Marshall's resignation. Well, Yas asks "we can can all agree that anyone who is persuaded by a few words on an airplane banner is not the type of person we want voting on important societal issues."

It's funny because it's true. The editorial is a great read if you can get a copy of it.

Update: Mass Marrier has gotten permission to post the whole editorial. You can read it here.


Herb said...

Well this makes my fregging day. Pawlick is one of the reasons I got involved in the gay marraige debate. I stumbled across his MassNews website and could not believe the hatred and the bullcrap the egotistical lowlife tried to pass off as news.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! This is one of the best things I've read in weeks.

I have to admit that the recent MassNews series on Brit Hume as the only thing that can save the Bush administration (kinda like Mighty Mouse) is a close second.

Of course, a close third is the recent MassNews article putting the blame for America's current problems squarely where it belongs -- on Al Gore. The folks at Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly must cringe every time Pawlick associates himself with them.

No one can forget the final battle of Bush against Al Gore where the major television shows sent everyone to bed believing that Al Gore had won. Then we watched the recount in Florida. Even after it was clear that Bush had eked out a victory, Gore refused to concede.
By these dirty tactics, the Democrats succeeded in causing the Bush staff to spend its entire time on winning the election when he should have been choosing his staff. As a result, he had to take office with many of Clinton’s people still in place at the White House and at other offices around Washington. They were still there at the devastating attack on September 11, 2001.
It is amazing that Bush is finally succeeding in putting much of his programs into effect. None of us like a lot of those programs --- and we don’t believe Bush does either --- but think of the alternative. Would you rather have Al Gore or John Kerry as our President?

jean said...

Marry in MA has posted the Yas opinion piece at

Steven Keirstead said...

I'm sure that the Pawlick's magic force-feild of Christian piety will deflect Mr. Yas' criticisms, leaving their self-righteousness intact. The past writings of both that husband and wife show that they don't care much for liberality or reasonableness. However, it's nice to see someone try to point out the bankruptcy of putting a right wing interpretation of the Bible above the laws of our great Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Three cheers! Hurrah, huzzah, hooray!