Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back Under A Rock

While celebrating this 3rd Anniversary, I couldn't help but reminisce about all the gay haters who "have left the building" (no, they're not dead, just gone from the Massachusetts anti-gay bandwagon):

  • J. Edward Pawlick: The man who started MassNews disappeared from practically everywhere. His Massnews website is out of commission and although his wife's anti-gay website is still up, it hasn't been updated in years. It says they are still waiting for their "Bill of Address" to be voted on. (On a side note, this "Bill of Address" is Brian Camenker's claim to fame since that is the reason he started the Article 8 Alliance, to remove the judges, when that never happened they changed the name to Massresistance). Ms. Massresistance used to also write for this "conservative" website.

  • Ron Crews: The head of the Mass Institute Against Gays A.K.A. Mass "Family" Institute before Kris "My marriage is affected by same sex couples marrying" Mineau, left the state to go back down south after a failed attempt to win a seat in the Massachusetts Legislature. He was one of the many Republicans then-Governor Romney boosted to initially run for office before Romney left the Massachusetts GOP in the dust (all the Republicans lost miserably because Romney became "Box-office poison") .
  • Laurie Letourneau: This angry woman threatened to leave the State if same sex couples started getting married. They did and she did, good riddance. She also received the MFI Citizenship award.

  • Larry Cirignano: He was part of the Vote On Marriage group until he physically attacked a young woman at a rally in Worcester. He also led the Catholic Citizenship in Boston. He has now been relocated to Virginia but comes back to Massachusetts for court hearings and anti-gay activism.

Actually, looking back on them all, most of them were involved with the Massachusetts Institute Against Gays. They seem to go through more members than Imelda Marcos went through shoes. This must be some kind of anti-marriage curse. Who will it strike next?


John Hosty said...

Great post! I just wish you had gone through the rest of the list. You left out Marie Parente, Philip Travis, and others. Their infamy is worth noting.

Anonymous said...

Everytime I travel out to the Riverside T station, I make a point to walk by the row of news papers boxes. Along with nice well kept boxes owned by the Globe, NY Times and Wall Street Journal sits a beat up rusty MassNews box. It is filled with dozens of 4 year old copies of MassNews that Pawlick was trying to sell for a dollar.

After publishing a few issiues that few would buy or any respectable merchant would advertise in, Pawlick went to an online edition. We all no the fate of that venture.

I must say, I miss the updates of the planes flying around Fitchberg in the middle of December.

Sharoney said...

Has anyone else besides me noticed that these demagogues all seem to have severe anger management problems?

Larry "The Lout" Cirignano likes to assault women, Laurie "Bust a Bloodvessel" Letourneau used to verbally abuse strangers, J. Edward "no life" Pawlick liked to slander people in his sordid little rag, and Ron Crews was the epitome of "sore loser" with extra emphasis on the "loser" part.

Talk about acting out one's neuroses in public!

BlackTsunami said...

hey my friend. i just noticed that mass resistance is telling lies about the recent event involving gay youth. even americans for truth is getting into the act. just wanted to give you a heads up

Ambivorous said...

Actually, Ed Pawlick won't be down for breakfast. He died last year. To paraphrase Bette Davis, "My mother told me I should only speak good of the dead. He's dead. Oh good."