Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Contest Update

You have a little more than a week (June 1st) to get those entries in. For more information check the "Courting Equality Contest".

The Grand Prize is not just the "Courting Equality" book, but an autographed copy of the "Courting Equality" book by the two authors and the photographer! As noted before, 5 runner ups will receive a MassResistance Watch Mannequin T-shirt. (If you want to purchase a T-shirt and not enter the contest, click on the "CafePress" link to the left.

Remember, you have until Midnight on June 1st to get your entry in!


Anonymous said...

Just a few days after arriving in Boston as the new General Manager of Christian broadcasting group Salem Communications 3 AM stations WTTT, WROL and WEZE, Scott Cohagan has decided not to sell air time to Brian Camenker for his infomercial radio show.

Management would not even take Brian's money for one last show to say goodbye to their tiny audience. I have it on very good information from a member of the WTTT sales staff that Brian was paying Salem $500.00 per week to air the "show" which featured a parade of "guests" including CJ Doyle, Mad Dad David Parker and wingnut Ministers including Tristain Emanuel from Canada.

There are several AM radio stations in Boston that sell air time but most feature ethnic programming and have signals that are even worse than AM 1150 WTTT.

Brian and Ami may be back on the air at some point but it will be even harder for Brian to use his radio show to solicit for donations, most of which go into his and Ami's pocket.

bostonph said...

You left out the best part. Brian is trying to blame it on Mitt Romney...