Sunday, May 27, 2007

WTTT Smackdown!

No, this isn't about some new wrestling show, it's WTTT, "Boston's Conservative Talk" and until yesterday, the host station for Massresistance's (A.K.A. Brian Camenker and Amy Contrada's) radio show.

Yes! It's true dear ones, Massresistance: The Radio Show is dead in the water. Apparently, they were given the BIG sign-off by the new general manager of the radio station who wouldn't even let them have one last hateful filled hour. What am I going to do on my Saturday mornings then Saturday afternoons now?

Of course, Brian has his own spin on the matter:

Mass-Resistance RadioShow
WTTT / Salem Radio has announced that it has permanently canceled the MassResistance Radio Show, after nearly two years of continuous weekly broadcasting.

Information from a Salem Radio source leads us to believe that pressure from the campaign of a certain Republican presidential candidate whom we've widely criticized prompted this decision.

Full report coming up later this weekend -- including what you can do. (Weekend's over but no report, it's not looking good kiddies)

Wow, they even have conspiracy theories to go along with it! I guess they don't have the homosexual activists to blame this one on or will they? Trevor Wright, in a comment over at QueerToday (and a Massresistance favorite) gets the prize for the funniest lines on them being booted:

They are claiming a right-wing conspiracy. Mitt is out to get them!! Next thing we are going to hear is that one of Mitt’s campaign staff wrote 'dust me' in Amy’s dirty house! Hahaha

Which got me wondering...for weeks (maybe months) Massresistance was teasing its readers with a headline about "Part 2" of the Mitt Romney Deception. It was supposed to have more secrets about Romney that nobody knew and they were going to release it in May. Well, there are only a few more days in May left and the "Sneak Preview" about "Part 2 of the Mitt Romney Deception" is mysteriously absent.

You might as well hang it up when the Religious Right Wingnuts, who you are supposed to be aligned with, are taking you off their airwaves.


Anonymous said...

I am almost sorry to see them go. I always looked forward to a good laugh on Saturday night. I was reading Contrader's blog today and her make believe story about beastiality and my first thought was of Camenker and her - now that is REAL beastiality....

Ryan Adams said...

Whatever will you do with yourself, Boston Bud? Are you going to make a new blog? I'd miss your discourse now that these nutters are off the air.

Speaking of nutters off the air, it seems as though there's been a general cleansing of talk radio. Let's hope the trend continues - I don't know who I'd celebrate the doom of more - Hannity or Limbaugh - but either would make my day - or even month. LOL.

Say It Ain't So Joe said...

This news saddens me. I so looked foward every week to Brian's cherry "Welcome to Radio Free Massachusetts" and Amy's "Hi, it's Amy" --- and wondering whether the bacholor CJ Doyle would be on --- or maybe David Parker. C'est domage.

Trevor Wright said...

Same here! I don't know how i'm going to spend the first 45 min. at work on my monday morning...

Did you see their post today.... linking 'his' fight against the homosexual agenda to WW2... Such a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

It's all a cover up! Brain & Ami were so scared by the contest MassResistanceWatch was running that they got WTTT to "cancel" them. Way to run, Brain! Way to hide, Ami! HAHAHAHA!

Mass Marrier said...

"News" you won't hear even here. Hear, hear!

Now the world will find itself with many thousands of unused quotation marks. See that I'm doing my part above.

Be sure to use them frequently.

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest BlueMassGroup. As long as you don't criticize Cynthia Stead, you can say *anything* over there.

John Howard and Paul Jamieson's posts are some of the most unintentionally funny things I've read in ages. Well, next to the hosts' bizarre defenses of their homophobic "guests."

Anonymous said...


I agree. The new BMG has that "well meaning, but completely out of touch with reality" feel of vintage MassNews. Completely hilarious especially once you realize that Charley Blandy really does take himself THAT seriously.

Besides, Cynthia Stead and Amy Contrada are living proof that it doesn't pay to make homophobic comments to your hairdresser. Too bad Ms. Porcupine doesn't have a radio show.

Sharoney said...

Actually, Ms. Porcupine is a frequent commentor on Cape Cod NPR: