Thursday, May 3, 2007

Day of Defiance is More Like Day of De-Dud

Over at Article Hate/Massresistance/Parents Rights Coalition, etc... Brian and Amy are extolling the success of the "Day of Defiance". If you recall, the "Day of Defiance" was supposedly started by students but, of course, on their website: Massresistance, A.K.A. Brian Camenker, is named as one of the two organizations who started it:
The Day of Defiance was initiated by the Massachusetts grassroots conservative groups MassResistance and the Massachusetts Federation of Conservative Bloggers to stand up for taxpaying parents' rights in public education, while also offering an alternative view of the issues to Massachusetts students (a rare occurrence, undoubtedly the first for many). The Day of Defiance will feature events outside of a number of Massachusetts high schools with picketers, sign holders, and guest speakers during free periods, lunch time, and after school (when the Breaking the Silence event commences). Supportive conservative students, parents, and teachers, are encouraged to join us in this effort to protest the rampant cases of educational malpractice in our public schools, while also providing students with the other half of the story on family issues and conservative ideas which have been censored, stereotyped, and belittled during the course of their 'education'.

Of course, none of this happened. Even the Massresistance website states that no students were involved (but they keep trying to tell us that the "students" wink, wink, organized it):

To our surprise, none of the students who organized the Day of Defiance actually participated. They said were afraid of retribution by the school, particularly certain faculty members. (And they didn't think of this when they started organizing it?)

And most of the parents who had enthusiastically committed to protesting also chickened out at the last minute. For example, twenty parents had committed to be at Lexington (above), but only two showed up that day. (Hmm...even David Parker didn't show up, things must be bad!)

Bob Parks, former candidate for State Representative, who also ran for Chairman of the State Republican Party, went on the MassResistance radio show describing how he was going to make a speech at a high school as a Day of Defiance protester. He also agreed to send out press releases. But as the day approached, he suddenly backed out. (Maybe Massresistance can get CJ Doyle to come back on and tell us what really happened since he's such a regular on the radio show)

The whole debacle just sounds a lot like the typical Article 8/Massresistance/Brian Camenker sideshow that Massachusetts is so used to seeing from the crazies in Waltham. The "parents" who supposedly went to these school to incite pandemonium were so proud of their work that they list themselves as Bruce C. or Roger S. (I guess they go to the Amy "from Article 8" school of last names).

They must be heartbroken that no local news station picked up their antics although I expect the pictures will turn up on some crazy right wing site (I hope there's video too because I got such a rush off the dizzying "acid trip" video of the Vote on Marriage Protest they recently posted)

I'm anxiously awaiting May 17th too. If history is any indicator, Massresistance will have some "big" announcement about something that happened to somebody months ago yet they will twist and bend the story to make it appear like it happened yesterday and of course blame it all on the gays.


Anonymous said...

This whole thing has been so slimy from the beginning. The "kid" who supposedly organized this charade, "Emil Levitin" is a made up name. This phony teen is probably Contrader herself. Its all made up to try to make MassResistance look like its more than the 10 people who make up the core of the organization. That whole organization smells so bad its unbelievable. They are not much better than Phelps and company.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, read the stuff that that supposed 14 year old Levitin has written. No teen uses such vocabulary and sentence structure. Emil = Ami, I'll wager.

Anonymous said...

It's not just sentence structure. What 15 year old says things like this?

It is not unheard of, for this type of answer to be given to a number of complaining parents, within one day! This serves as a useful tool to intimidate the parents who are being led into fear of being singled out, and standing alone against the consensus (not a pleasant feeling in a progressively conformist school environment).

Moreover, the parents never forget, even if you do, that their child is kept hostage by the very same school which the parents have now thoughtlessly put on the defensive! The hostage capturing mechanism clicks into place instantly, which involves the child being made a pariah, feeling the consequences of parental foolish behavior via the atmosphere of academic suspicion suddenly surrounding him and leading to severe grading penalization by the teachers who, nevertheless, still appear to be threatened and even offended.

"Emil" is as big a fraud as Peter Porcupine.