Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A Treat From San Francisco

The BBC broadcast a Sunday Service (recorded in October 2006) this past Sunday from the Catholic parish of Most Holy Redeemer in San Francisco:
Fr Donal Godfrey, Society of Jesus, leads a service from the Catholic Parish of Most Holy Redeemer, San Francisco, exploring how gay people can find a place in the Christian narrative and speaks of the gift of faith. The preacher is the Catholic writer and theologian, Fr James Alison.
My husband and I were honored to have dinner with both Fr Godfrey and Fr Alison a few years ago (although not at the same time.) The broadcast is available for downloading here (you need Real Player to listen to it) until this Sunday, May 6th.

Well, it appears that "homophobically inspired groups and individuals" are slamming the BBC with emails and calls to discourage any similar programs in the future. So get out your phone cards!

People are asked to call the BBC - 020 7580 4468, say you want to comment on a programme and ask for the Duty Log. This ensures that all comments are noted as received.

This would be very helpful since Christine Morgan, the BBC producer responsible for this area of programming is likely to have to go on Radio 4’s ‘Feedback’ programme over this, and she would value positive comments to support her. Her comment would be: Why has it taken the BBC so long to do such a programme?

Also important would be to e-mail Mark Damazer, the Controller of BBC Radio 4:

You could also copy anything to the Head BBC Religious Broadcasting, Michael Wakelin:

Hearing these two men is a treat, however, if you'd like to read the service, you can find the transcripts here.

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