Saturday, May 12, 2007

More of Romney's Inconsistencies

Massachusetts' former governor Willard "Did you hear the one about Massachusetts" Romney is appearing on 60 minutes this Sunday. Apparently, he now says that he is against gay couples marrying because it is against the "scriptures":
"This isn't just some temporary convenience here on Earth, but we're people that are designed to live together as male and female and we're gonna have families," he tells interviewer Mike Wallace, according to an excerpt CBS released Friday. "And that, there's a great line in the Bible that children are an inheritance of the Lord and happy is he who has or hath his quiver full of them."

So, while he claims that his "faith" should not be an issue in the campaign, he has no problem whatsoever using his "faith" to guide his policy decisions that affect people who do not follow his faith.

I'm no expert on Mormonism but I did see the documentary recently featured on PBS and I learned quite a bit. It was interesting to learn that some people consider his religion a cult and that they believe that God and Jesus appeared to Joseph Smith and told him to create the one true church because the other churches got it wrong (this was around 1827).

The BIG problem I have is with the inconsistencies. You see THEY believe that Joseph Smith did talk to God and Jesus. And some angel, Moroni, told Joseph to dig up some golden plates and copy down everything on them which became the Mormon Scriptures. (Are you following me so far?) Well, Joseph Smith also said that God told him to take many wives and hence it was OK to be polygamists.

That is the inconsistency that bothers me. If you believe that Joseph Smith met God wouldn't you take EVERYTHING he said to be gospel? How can you pick and choose which parts to believe?

So this is where we come back to Willard Romney. He has no problem following the scriptures when it suits his bigoted position on same sex couples getting married but ignores Smith's revelations on polygamy. Could it be that Romney is against same sex marriages because he knows that most of the Republicans (who he wants to vote for him) are against it? It would certainly fit his flip flopper image.


Nick Shalosky said...

I believe you are right here. Mitt Romney is not running for president right now, he is running for Mr. Conservative. He needs to make up his mind and actually practice what he preaches. I feel like this is the same with Rudy. Everyone knew he was more liberal than the others; however, he went crazy conservative at the debate.

Anonymous said...

It's surprising too, Because there is something in the book of Mormon that's very racist by calling black people "Sinners" No i'm not joking it's indexed under {skin}.

Anonymous said...

To say that the Morman Church has a sorted past is an understatement.

Someone corect me if I am wrong but I believe Blacks were not welcomed into the Church until the mid sixties.

The founder Joseph Smith was born in Vermont, raised and had his visit with God in upstate New York
and Mormans whose Church is based in Salt Lake Utah believe that God is comming back to a small to in Missouri.

It all seems rather strange to me

John Adams said...

I find it offensive that a candidate for President uses the scriptures as the model for our legal system.

Joseph Smith said...

I wish the Angel Moroni would appear to Mitt and tell him "GAY PEOPLE HAVE CHILDREN"