Thursday, May 17, 2007

Happy 3rd Anniversary!

MassEquality is having a big party tonight with Governor Patrick! (I guess Massresistance forgot to alert its lemmings to tell the Governor not to come. Now I wonder how they will list this as a success).


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!

May you and your spouse stay happy and healthy for many years to come!

Congrats to all the other deserving, happy couples today! 3 years in herstory!!

John Hosty said...

It will be interesting to see what type of hysteria they brew up next. They have to feel the ground slipping out from underneath them. Clearly, the piece written in the Boston Globe shows they have some serious opposition.

theAguy said...

The following was posted on Hub Politics a Republcan blog; It follows a report on Martha Coakley's statements at the Gay Lawyers event last week.

The following was posted by MassResistance on Hub Politics a conservative Republican blog.

I want to let you in on a little secret about what this state is becoming. Do you remember years ago when Massachusetts was a working classs state. To be honest, it still is although most of Boston has been hijacked. I know first hand what is happening to this state and you have no where farther to look then the people who are advocating and controlling policy.

Very few of these people are actually from this state or city. Many of them moved here within the past 5 years because they think Boston is this proggressive city where the belong. They come in and move to the trendy areas like Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville. They take over our political and policy jobs and then push their sick agenda.

These people are the children of the wealthy who thinks its cool to be liberal. They are the ones who push these insane policies like amnesty for illegals, gay marriage, community development (minus the locals). I dare you to go find these people and ask them where they come from. This past week I met a someone who is working for universal healthcare in Mass. They moved here a few years ago from the West Coast and of course lives in Cambridge. She doesn't seem to think about the thousands of people employed by MGH, BWH, BCBS, HPHC and other healthcare companies who would lose their jobs if this were to pass.

Even worse they despise anyone from the old Massachusetts, those of us with accents, those of us who are Catholic, etc. Like a virus they come in and take over each neighborhood and city, they push their agenda and drive out the natives. We sit here and let it happen, look at Somerville. These people put foreign policy issues above safe streets. They live in a world of idealistic rhetoric that bears little resemblance to our reality. Why do we continue to let these people hijack our state driving our friends and family out.

I know you see them walking around with their noses in the air, going out drinking at the bars in Harvard Square and downtown on Daddys dollar while the rest of us wonder how we are going to pay rent. They have hijacked our future and put their people in charge in our government, policy and nonprofits. My fellow Mass natives please wake up and fight these people, if you don't its their state not ours.

Start by making them feel unwelcomed, then identify them and work to push them out of the government and nonprofit world they control. We made some great strides already this past week wil the yuppie from the South End being defeated. Bill Connelly in Somerville also came back showing that our freinds and family are getting sick of the "New Massachusetts". Wake up and inform your friends and family about this plague.

Posted by: MassResistance at May 16, 2007 11:49 PM

Marcie said...

That's funny. If it was Amy or Brian, neither one of them is originally from Massachusetts.