Monday, May 14, 2007

I BET the Governor is Listening to Massresistance...

and having a good laugh. You see, Massresistance is lying once again about their "Successes":
Your torrent of angry calls and emails did it!! Governor Deval Patrick, avowed "ally" of the homosexual movement, abruptly backed down and stayed away from the homosexual movement's annual hardcore "Youth Pride" event. Do not underestimate the power of outraged citizens armed with a single purpose -- even when things look bleak. Remember, this is the place where the American Revolution began.

Right...But the thing is...the governor wasn't even planning on being there. How do I know this, read this article in BayWindows which was put out last week around the same time Massresistance claims that the Governor was still attending:

“The theme of this year [Youth Pride] is ‘Make a statement,’ so every year we like to give awards based on the theme,” said Lydon. “GLSEN [is receiving the award] for not making a statement on Day of Silence but also making a bold statement at the same time, Amanda Palmer for her musical statement and her crazy fashion statements … and we’re giving Deval the award for his political statement.”

She said Patrick himself would not be attending Youth Pride, and she said organizers were uncertain about whether Palmer would accept her award in person.

My my my, I would guess that BayWindow's deadline is the latest, Wednesday night (possibly earlier), so even they knew that the Governor wasn't going to attend however, Massresistance just leads their lemmings to believe that he didn't attend because of them. What a crock! although not surprising. They would probably take credit for the sun rising and falling everyday.
I can't wait to see how they spin the inaction on the bills they supposedly submitted to the Legislature. I predict none of them will see the light of day but surely Massresistance will somehow list them as a success.


courtingequality said...

Great tracking of the way that Mass Resistance claims that their work is effective. If Deval Patrick had planned on attending Youth Pride, Mass Resistance complaints would never have kept him away.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. We have to expose them and bring them down. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to part from the topic, but there has finally been some good news:

So much for god's veil of protection on Jerry Falwell! :)

Anonymous said...

Guess I spoke too soon...the good lord has called Jerry Falwell home...or is that the other fellow down with the horns and pitchfork down below?? Hmmm? :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Bay Windows generally has a Monday deadline for Thursday's street date.
That can be pushed if there is a major story but it is safe to say that it was known for almost 2 weeks before the event that Deval Patrick would not be there.

Brian claims that Patrick's office recived hundreds of calls. How does he know this? Do think Patrick's office is going to tell this villiage idiot how many calls they recieve.

Besides his sick twisted obsession with Gay people this is all about Brian raising money that can put in his pocket so amoung other things he won't have to declare bankruptcy again.