Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sex, Lies & Massresistance

Ms. Massresistance has gotten her panties all in a bunch because legislators are saying that the world didn't fall apart after May 17, 2004. She takes exception to this and blames same sex marriage for:
  • David Parker getting arrested
  • The "Little Black Book"
  • Sex Change "Propaganda" being distributed in gay clubs at schools
  • a pornographic billboard
  • Bay Windows in Supermarkets

The amazing thing about all of these "issues" is that Article 8 is the only group that has ever brought them up. They are the ones trying to pin these "issues" on same sex marriage. Let's look at them:

David Parker getting arrested

He was arrested because he refused to leave an elementary school. He initially claimed that he was protesting a book and has since changed his story. The book in question was written in 1995, years before same sex marriages.

The "Little Black Book"

Article 8 claims to have "exposed" this escapade. Ten books were on a table at the Fenway Community Health Center's table at a school's Gay Day on April 30th. It took Article 8 over two weeks (they didn't announce it until a press conference on May 17th) to actually mention the book. If they cared so much about the children why didn't they have a press conference on May 1st? Article 8 members supposedly picked up the brochure on the 30th so what took so long?(sounds like the Bush administration's reaction to Hurricane Katrina) Furthermore, the book was modeled after a similar book in Washington State, a place that doesn't have same sex marriage, how can that be? Using Article 8's logic Massachusetts should have come up with it first, what gives?

Sex Change Propaganda

At the same conference mentioned above on April 30th, there was a panel with some transgender folks on it. I mean really, just because these people live in our towns, have children, pay their bills, are law abiding citizens, contribute to society and try to go about their lives, do we really need to hear them speak? YES, for all of the above reasons.

Pornographic Billboard

If these people think two men with their shirts off is pornographic I can't imagine what they think of the statue of David in Rome. There is worse stuff on daytime soap operas or MTV. This billboard has been up all over the country too and we're still the only state with same sex marriage. Gay.com has been around at least since 2000 too.

Bay Windows

Bay Windows has also been around for years! I can remember getting it in the late 80's way before same sex marriages. They were available at newsstands everywhere too. Try again Amy.

In conclusion, Massresistance says:

The queer activists knew they'd have to win their fight dishonestly, and avoid the ugly truth about the unnaturalness and riskiness of homosexual sex, or the unbalanced life experience that same-sex parenting imparts to young children.

In reality we are the ones being honest, we're not making up stories about other people and causing a ruckus. We are getting married, raising our children, living our lives and causing harm to NO ONE. Besides, we could adopt children before May 17, 2004. Even if you try and take away future same sex marriages those couples will still be able to adopt children. The ugly truth is groups like Massresistance, Article 8 and Mass "Family" Institute. They don't care about children at all. They are a blemish on humanity.

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