Thursday, December 8, 2005

Anti-Gay Activists and Internet Polls

Yesterday the Mass "Family" Institute, an anti-gay activist organization submitted their signatures to the State to put discrimination into the constitution. Apparently they submitted 170,000 to the clerks who certified 147,000 some odd signatures, they only have to have 66,000 (a feat that's pretty easy to accomplish since there are over 6,416,505 people in Mass)

The Boston Globe reported in its "breaking news" section of its online edition about the signatures. The Globe online also included a link to an "unscientific internet poll" on same sex marriage. You would expect that the MFI would be bathing in the glory of their 147,000 signatures, but no. The MFI sent out an email update to its subscribers to log on and vote YES in the poll. How pathetic. Do you think their afraid? I guess they don't feel secure enough with the way they got the signatures so they have to manipulate the online poll too. A last look the poll shows the NO vote was still leading.


Anonymous said...

At least MassResistance, MassNews, and most of the posters on KnowThyNeighbor have given up any pretense that this is about preserving marriage. It's an interesting tactic, but I'd rather deal with an openly hate-filled bigot like Amy Contrada, then try to wade through the logical gyrations of Kris Mineau and Jeff Jacoby.

"Any two persons who are dependent on one another deserve basic benefits, but to award these benefits based on secual orientation is discriminatory."


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the latest from the woman with the filthiest kitchen in New England? She is now blaming the "depravity" of the underwear models in the store window in Augusta on the gay rights law. Have these people been to the beach in the last 20 years? Or are the beaches the next target of the Contrada/Heath/Camenker trio. I can see them marching on York Beach now to "Ban the Bikini" and Speedos. Contrada should spend more time staying home and dusting her furniture.

Boston Bud said...

You know I'm finding that the more Massresistance and Article 8 post, the more pathetic they are becoming. To even comment on their posts is giving them more credibility than they deserve. How they can link models in a window to a non-discrimination law is beyond. By their logic, all of the towns in Massachusetts would be "lost" and becoming like Provincetown (expensive and one of the hottest real estate markets in the state?)

Now if only they would just list the time and place of A&F stores that are having the live models welcoming the customers, that would be welcoming.