Thursday, December 15, 2005


With Jerry Falwell’s recent assault on "Happy Holidays" it got me thinking. These are the same things these white Religious Right people think about the country; everyone is white, Christian, married to a wife (who stays at home of course, a la “Father Knows Best”) and has two children: a boy & a girl. They refuse to see anything else.

It seems like it's a big surprise that:
  • Everyone is NOT Christian,
  • Everyone is NOT to married to a woman (or in Newt Gingrich’s case 3 women)
  • Everyone is NOT white
  • In today’s economy both spouses have to work (man/woman, man/man, and woman/woman) or
  • you're scraping by raising a family on one income and have no spouse.
  • Lots of couples, both gay and straight are choosing whether to have children or not.

For myself, I celebrate Christmas, I have NO problem with people wishing me a “Happy Holidays”, they don’t know me from Adam so why should they assume I celebrate Christmas (Isn't this profiling?) Just like why should they assume I’m straight, YOU CAN’T! Can you imagine what Jerry Falwell would say if you assumed he was, A GAY?. I do wear a wedding band and I'm legally married, but I have a husband (and I will still be married even if they pass this discriminatory amendment in Massachusetts).

This is NOT a cookie cutter world, if we were all alike how boring would that be? Actually, it’s bone-chilling to think about it, horrifying even!

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