Friday, December 23, 2005

Bible Teachings

In the Book of Matthew it says "don't let your left hand know what your right hand does" and apparently the Catholic Church in Boston is taking that literally, AGAIN, but in the wrong way.

Bay Windows, that (say it with me) homosexual newspaper, reported yesterday about a priest at Holy Trinity Church in Boston who was funneling over $175,000 of the church's money to another parish in secret, without the parish or the archdiocese knowing. The Globe decided to publish a story about it today. The archdiocese claims it was an "error" on Rev. Hugh O'Regan part nevermind that he did this in secret without anyone's knowledge.

The biggest difference in the two stories is that Bay Windows points out the dishonesty of the Boston Catholic Church. They remind us of the firing of Rev. Walter Cuenin, who, contrary to popular belief, never marched in a Gay Pride parade but did welcome gay and lesbian parishioners at his church. Notes Bay Windows:

Compare that with what Donilon had to say about the Rev. Walter Cuenin after it was revealed that the finance council at Cuenin's church, Our Lady Help of Christians in Newton, had paid him a stipend and leased a car for him without Archdiocese approval. "Seventy-five thousand dollars is a lot of money, and we cannot ignore the financial piece of this," he told the Boston Globe. "We cannot allow one pastor to operate under a separate set of guidelines or rules."

Hmmm. Cuenin operated within the guidelines set by his church's finance council. O'Regan seems to have violated Catholic Canon Law by not meeting with the Holy Trinity Finance Council and transferring funds between churches. Cuenin's transgressions, such as they are, totaled $75,000 over a period of 12 years, which Cuenin agreed to pay back. As a result of O'Regan's "error," St. James the Greater had to obtain an emergency loan of $176,360 on Dec. 16 to cover what it owed Holy Trinity.

Once again we see how the church operates. One man received a stipend from the parish, with the parish's approval and a car, all in the open mind you, the archdiocese had even audited the books at Father Cuenin's parish for years and never said anything before. Yet the other priest who was doing things in secret wasn't even reprimanded by the Bishop.

Was it a coincidence that Father Cuenin was one of the 50 priests who signed the letter asking for Cardinal Law's resignation after the whole sexual abuse scandal was uncovered? I wonder what's happened to the other 49 priests who spoke out to protect the children since it appears that the church still only protects those that keeps its secrets. But then again, there are gay families to demonize and destroy, we have priorities people!

Correction: It was the South End News that actually broke the story, Bay Windows wrote an editorial on the subject, please read the comment section for more info. (thanks Susan!)


Anonymous said...

hypocrites, the lot of them they claim to follow Jesus but they don't,like for example do you ever see the christians at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter helping,they don't the only thing christian about them is they calling themselves christian.

Susan Ryan-Vollmar said...

Hi Bud,

Thanks for linking to the Bay Windows editorial. I just want to note to readers that it was the South End News, the sister publication to Bay Windows, that broke the news about the financial mess at Holy Trinity Church. The piece in Bay Windows was an editorial, hence the comparison between the Archdiocese's treatment of Cuenin versus its treatment of the Rev. Hugh O'Regan at Holy Trinity.