Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Funny Ha Ha

This just up from the World O' Crap Blog. It seems they've been doing a little research on our friends over at Article 8 and Massresistance. They confirm a couple of things I've suspected all along:

The post goes into detail everything that Article 8 has been spreading to the right wing media. They also do their own analysis on the details that Article 8 changes in each press release. They are quite funny too!


Anonymous said...

Hi Boston Bud,

Thanks for the link to World o Crap. I think it may become my favorite blog next to Massresistancewatch.

Brain says he was the only Yankee
living in Venice Florida. I am not great at Geography but I thought Minnisota was in the Midwestern part of this country and a Yankee referes to people from the Northern part of the Red White and Blue. Could Brain be suffering from an Identity crisis?

And I was a big bar fly back in the 80's and I only remember 1 bar on Cambridge street and if I had evr seen Brain and his pocked face in Sporters, I would have remembered him.

Brain and Amy must be spending all there time producing their soon to be,awarding winning radio show, because they haven't updated their Article 8 website since that terrible Saturday in early November when the 20 demonstrators from QueerToday took over Tremont Street.

I am still working on that complete list of advertisers that have spots running during their radio show. I hope everyone is prepared to send some letters.


Ryan Charisma said...

Does 'appalled' mean the same thing as 'jealous'? When I'm appalled by something, I may go on and on about it for a day, a week or even a month, but certainly not 20 plus years. Me thinks he doth protest too much. Maybe 'someone' needs to come out of the closet?


But I still wouldn't sex him up. If I'm going to hell for such a small factor as gay sex, I'm sure not going for him. Could someone send me Tom Selleck please?

Anonymous said...

Well Article 8 is have a hard time paying its bills because "Everyone supports Article 8" no one is willing to give them money. I guess they'll blame that on homosexual activitists too. Wait, I think they already did.

Anonymous said...

The comparisons to the Klan keep getting stronger and stronger. Not only do they blame everything bad that happens to them on gay people, they believe any means is justifiable in trying to deny us rights.

In today's MassResistance rant Ms. Contrada claims the "culture of death" is homosexuality and abortion.

Now, I distinctly recall Pope John Paul II repeatedly saying the "culture of death" as "abortion, euthanasia, and capitol punishment." He was, of course, also a firm pacifist.

How sick do you have to be to twist this very consistent and compassionate message into one that justifies your hatred?

Anonymous said...

I think I once saw Brian at The Folsom Street Festival with a Tens unit attached to his nuts.