Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Picture of Love

I haven't posted about Massresistance/Article 8 in awhile because their posts have just gotten so weird and strange that commenting on them would give them some tiny piece of credibility (Christian Polygamy? Window Models?). However, I felt I had to comment on today's post. You see, once again, Ms. Massresistance is trying to "shame" a family featured in the GLOBE.

She only succeeds in showing everyone how wonderful this couple are. She posts about the joy that one family is feeling for their first Christmas with their new child. This is what she calls abnormal, a man talking about how they (the couple) are staying home (and not visiting relatives) because they are taking their daughter's comfort into consideration, abnormal?

As always, it wouldn't be a Massresistance post without her focusing on sex:
From the Globe Sunday Magazine (Dec. 11), in their series called "COUPLING" ...(Now what vision does that conjure up, speaking of homosexual men?) ... "Home Alone: Three's company when a new family settles in for a quiet holiday":
Well maybe I'm the odd one but an article about Coupling in the Globe Magazine brings to mind a loving couple (yes, it IS about love). I guess for some people, all they focus on is sex, (you should really see a therapist for that) I see two wonderful men who adopted an unwanted child, I guess you could call them pro-life.


Mass Marrier said...

As only a slight variation of the line from "Toy Story," what a sad, strange little Mann.

There cannot be much love in the lives of these mean and silly people. That's sad.

Thank you MassResistance said...

I missed that story in the Globe. Once again, thanks to MassResistance, I'm update on how wonderful and loving gay couples can be.

Ryan Charisma said...

What's wrong with that article? It's lovely and anyone whose had to tell thier parents they're not comming home for the holidays - (straight or gay)can absolutely relate. Perhaps Ms. Massresistance is upset because she's not invited back to her home for the holidays and her children don't want to be around her either. That's absolutely understandable. She only has room for hate in her heart; and that has nothing to do with the Christmas spirit. But then again, it has nothing to do with Christianity either. I feel sorry for her children, ridiculed for thier mother's bizzare, warped & hateful ways. Wanting desperatly just to be normal American kids instead being the butt of all sorts of jokes & ridicule. (Sort of like what a gay kid goes through.) So I would personally like to wish Ms. Massresistance's children a Happy Holiday and tell them: "Hang in there, there's a natural order in life, and your wicked mother probably won't outlive you. When she passes on to her eternal damnation in hell, rejoice for the world will not only be rejoicing with you, but will then be your oyster. Hang in there kids and stop asking Santa to hurry her mortality's not nice... but understandable"

Anonymous said...

It may be soon to stop covering Ms. Contrada completely. In yesterdays post, she took another step closer to joining the National Front by celebrating the Mr. Hetero contest.

Here's the decscription, from the AFA (

In reaction to Gay Promotions, like Mr. Gay International, this one will find Mr. Hetero.

The homosexual community has flooding the marketplace with products and opportunities exclusively for gays and lesbians. Now a talk show host in Massachusetts is turning the tables. Tom Crouse, pastor of Holland Congregational Church and host of the radio program “Engaging Your World” is launching a “contest” to name the most heterosexual guy in Massachusetts.

We’re just looking for tolerance for heterosexuals.” Someone should stand up for heterosexuality, someone should stand up and celebrate how God’s made us and I said, ‘I’m gonna!’, so I think I’ll have a Mr. Heterosexual Contest!”

And here's a blurb from a White Pride Day post (

Every year on March 21st the United Nations has the International Day for the Elimination of Racial discrimination. Also known as Harmony day.
Whites around the world are subject to Racial discrimination on a daily basis.

You can take a stand against the Racial Discrimination of Whites that occurs world wide.

This day - March 21st of every year is the day that Whites can stand up and show their pride by flying your Pro-White flags and wearing your Pro-White shirts.

All Whites around the world are encouraged to make the 21st March of every year, the day to remove the suppression of their voices.

The message and motivations are indistinguishable.