Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Know Thy Neighbor

The KnowThyNeighbor website is now listing all the people who signed the anti-gay marriage amendment petition. You can search by name, address, city or zip code. Not surprising is that Article 8's own Brian Camenker is on the list. I guess even he doesn't believe that the Massachusetts Supreme Court judges will ever be removed so he's jumping on this bandwagon. It's quite interesting to check out the list and see who's on it, or not on it.


Anonymous said...

It's time to hit them in the pocketbook. If they want to discriminate against us then why should be patronize their businesses?

Anonymous said...

I can not drive through my neighborhood now without getting mad at the people I know signed the list.

How many of them are anti-gay Nazis, and how many are just "dumb as eggplants"?

I look at them and think, "How dare they?"

Anonymous said...

What do you have against eggplants?