Saturday, December 17, 2005

Lock Up Your Spouses!

A favorite activist of Massresistance and Article 8 is Stephen Bennett of the Stephen Bennett Ministries (catchy huh!). He and his wife (he is supposedly a "former" ex-gay now married to Irene) co-host a Christian talk radio show "Straight Talk Radio", you really gotta listen to some of their programs. Anyway, Stephen commented on the critically acclaimed new movie "Brokeback Mountain":
"This movie sends a very dangerous message to America's youth - and especially married couples with a struggling spouse. I just spoke with a married man on the telephone who is contemplating leaving his wife and children. He's says he's gay - and Brokeback Mountain has influenced his decision. I spent a lot of time with this man telling him it's not what they're making it out to be. I know - I was there for 11 years." Stephen continued, "Believe me, we can sadly expect to see a lot more men like former Governor Jim McGreevy of New Jersey not only resigning from their jobs, but from their wives, children and families."
This is so strange, something must be going around because I was talking to this woman, who saw this movie about a huge gorilla. She is now contemplating leaving her family for the nearest zoo. She never thought that she would leave her husband and kids but after seeing that one movie, well those 2-something hours completely changed her life. She never thought she could fall in love with a big ape, but then again her husband is kinda hairy. Anyway, I agree with Stephen, these movies send a VERY dangerous message. Hat tip to ExGay Watch for following this gripping story.


Anonymous said...

So, wait a second, Boston Bud.

Are you downplaying and mocking a family that is on the verge of being separated, or do you think that Stephen is lying and that family doesn't exist? By the way, what is your take on families who go through this dilemma? If a husband (to a wife) and father suddenly has same-sex attractions, is he now absolved from any responsibility he had to his wife and kids?

Boston Bud said...

Well, Anonymous Poster #1. First off, you DON'T suddenly have same sex attraction. It's not something that happens over a 2 hour period, hence the ridiculousness of the post. I saw Brokeback Mountain. It was a wonderful film however tragic. It is tragic because it begs the question "Why shouldn't two people who love each other be together?"

To get back to your question, the marriage shouldn't have ever happened which is the problem with this "Ex-gay" thing. They are not curing anybody of anything. These people are still gay and getting into marriages. The Ex-Gay groups are ruining more people's lives by telling them that they can get married and be when they aren't being who God made them.

Should the families stay together in a loveless marriage, NO, everyone is entitled to love and be loved, even the wife (if the husband is the one who is gay) she should have have to live a charade.

Anonymous said...

If someone is in a loveless marriage, they should break apart. The kids are already going to have an odd concept of how couples operate. Better for them to see their parents correct the mistake.

Don't forget the parents are always responsible for the children, even if the marriage ends. So there isn't any responsibility being absolved.

My grandfather was gay, married to my grandmother. He had boyfriends on the side, she knew. They stayed married, but she was very unhappy and sufferend depression her entire life. I personally would end a marriage rather then hurting them by staying in it.

I'm just glad I had the option to marry my husband.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is ridiculing the family in this allegedly true tragedy.

What is being ridiculed is the idea that a movie can "turn" someone gay.

Ryan Charisma said...

I saw the movie and it was outstanding on many levels other than bittersweet lovestory which realisticaly displayed the inner turmoil of accepting (or not) one's attraction and love for the same-sex. And no matter what Mr. Bennett says there's no such thing as a former gay. Either you're gay or your not. Here, let me put it in straight terms. Let's say you're a "tits" man, you like women's big tits. A hot ass does nothing for you; in fact, it turns you off. Now are you going to lie and tell your girlfriend every day of your life together that you dig her hot ass and that her tiny tits don't matter to you? Not for long. And no matter how hard and ernestly you pray to 'our lord Jesus Christ' - your buttons only get pushed with big tits. And now you're married/living with/raising a family with a small tited, yet hot assed woman. So just look at at the lies all around you. Do you feel ill? Do you think your wife will figure this out? Can everyone on the street tell? So now, you've draged this woman and possibly brought children into this lie that will never work. It can't, you're not wired that way. Eventually she'll realize that you're not into her hot ass and that you've been looking at (or more)other women's big tits. After a while you begin to never touch her and turn away from the relationship all together. So there is is, are you into big tits? or hot asses? Some like both, but not many. So in turn, this "ministry" to help people change from 'tits' to 'asses' - is rediculous and a sham. We should be celebrating diviersity and seeking out all the beauty, truth and love in the world. Enough with making others feel bad about who they are and what they do. Good people are good people and bad people are bad people. Where do liars fit in?

Anonymous said...

Bennet is lying. He fabricates stuff just to cater to the right wing nuts like anony poster #1. No doubt that in between his "Ministries" and his fraudulent "marriage", he actively cruises highway rest stops and public restrooms to get the relief his "wife" could never give him :)

Anonymous said...

Priest Accused Of Groping Boy During 'King Kong'

POSTED: 7:17 am EST December 20, 2005
UPDATED: 7:29 am EST December 20, 2005

A Roman Catholic priest in Marble Falls., Texas was arrested after being accused of groping a 16-year-old boy at a movie theatre showing "King Kong."

Father Paul Clogan, 74, (pictured) was charged with indecency with a child by sexual contact.

Police said Clogan sat next to the teen in the theater, even though other seats were available.

The boy, who said he does not know the priest, told investigators that Clogan groped him about an hour after the movie started.

Ryan Charisma said...

Oh my God. The movie King Kong makes pedophiles? Whew, glad I saw Brokeback Mountain and turned gay. Way different and the clothes are better.


Anonymous said...

Watching Godzilla makes you good at math.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Bennett says the recently released film about "gay cowboys" is dangerous to young minds and presents only one aspect of the homosexual lifestyle. "As a former homosexual who once engaged in the deadly homosexual behavior and lifestyle for 11 years, I've buried countless boyfriends in the ground who've died from AIDS," the ex-gay evangelist says. "I know the reality of Brokeback Mountain. I've lived Brokeback Mountain. I've overcome Brokeback Mountain."

Sounds like Stephen Bennett couldn't keep a boyfriend, no wonder he's turned to women! I'm surprised he's not suing if the story is about his life. If you've seen the movie then you know his wife must be concerned. (He's also no Heath or Jake)

Anonymous said...

Were any of those boyfriends actually dead when Stephen Bennett burried them?

Just asking.

Daniel Gonzales said...

This is Dan from XGW. Thanks, someone's gotta keep track of all the nutty things he says so reporters researching Bennett can establish his credibility or lack thereof.