Saturday, December 3, 2005


Massresistance: The Radio Show was another sleeper. For all their touting that "They report the news you don't hear anywhere else" we've heard it all before. They didn't talk about anything new, they even brought up the "Little Black Book" again which happened in April (Is it Christmas already?)

Brian Camenker also seems to be turning to the Religious Right (could it be that he's not making enough money from his usual suspects?). Throughout the program, Camenker used "God Bless" which he has refrained from using in the other 5 outings of the program. My guess is that he was catering to the Catholics who might happen to be listening since his guests were C. J. Doyle of the Catholic Action League and the head of Operation Rescue. However, my husband still believes we are the only ones "doing God's work" by actually listening to the whole program.

I did learn one thing from the program today. Homosexual activists are quite powerful. To hear them talk, we are in charge of everything and everyone. Now if we were that powerful don't you think we would have outlawed polyester pantsuits a long time ago?

I'm done, I have to get to working on my homosexual agenda right after my Christmas cards are written out.

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