Thursday, December 1, 2005

Around the World with 80 Gays (give or take a few million)

South Africa's High Court Approves Gay Marriage:

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - South Africa's highest court ruled Thursday it is unconstitutional to bar gay marriage, paving the way for this country to become the first in Africa to legalize homosexual unions.
Another country recognizes equality! With all the recognition of same sex partnerships around the world it is becoming a no-brainer, All people are created equal.

You can't hide the fact that same sex couples are in committed monogamous relationships just like their heterosexual counterparts. Only now these committed relationships are becoming recognized by the government. No amount of putting gay weddings in quote's is going deny that these relationships exist and are happening. They will continue to happen forever too. Even if Massachusetts passes this hateful anti-gay amendment (and there are serious doubts it will) it is not going to stop gay couples from tying the knot. It is happening in Canada, Spain, Netherlands and coming soon to Great Britain and now, South Africa.

Oh, on a side note or should I say left coast America note, America Blog is reporting:
Arnold hires as his chief of staff a top Gray Davis aide who's an openly-lesbian gay-married woman.

Arnold's wife, first lady Maria Shriver, just picked a new chief of staff too. He's former top Gray Davis aide Daniel Zingale, who is also openly-gay and very-coupled with kid(s?).

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