Friday, March 31, 2006

The Feeding Frenzy Continues...

That professional Christian, Matt Staver at the Liberty Counsel had this to say about the recent MA SJC's decision:
"In this case," the head of Liberty Counsel says, "they could not get around the very clear 1913 law ... and, as a result of today's decision, there are many people now realizing that their so-called same-sex marriage license is just a worthless piece of paper."
No Matt, you're wrong, W-R-O-N-G. You just don't get it and I feel bad for you if you think that's all that marriage is, a piece of paper. While you may think that that "paper" is worthless, it's far from that. You see, the people that got that "worthless piece of paper" were in love and committed long before they could obtain that paper. They didn't need the paper they just wanted their equal rights because last time I looked it said "All men are created equal" It didn't say all men except for the gays and lesbians.

I can recall many movies/TV shows growing up that would include some couple who got married. At some point in the show the couple would find out that the person who married them couldn't legally do it but it didn't matter because they were love and they knew they were married. (In the Catholic religion the priest is the witness and couple actually marries each other.)

All the hateful anti-gay groups in the country can petition every state, intimidate and pressure lawmakers to enact laws to discriminate and spent hours on end putting us gays and lesbians down. But in the end you will lose. We are not going away. We are still falling in love and opening our families to our significant others. Case in point:

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. --Christopher McCary and John Sullivan, among the first gay couples married in Massachusetts in 2004, still consider themselves married, even if a decision Thursday by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court means they're just two guys living in the same house.

"It really doesn't change anything," said McCary, an attorney in Anniston, where he lives with Sullivan in a quiet neighborhood. "We're like everybody else. He has two jobs, I have one and we both work all the time."


Anonymous said...

Bud - if you disagreed with the law, why didn't you work to repeal it? Why another court case?

Anonymous said...

Once Mitt has left town this will all be moot.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bud, did you listen to Article 8 yesterday? I'm sure she purposely didn't credit you with calling her "Ms. Massresistance" because then she would have had to admit that you exist (and give out your website address) I guess they don't want people to know the real truth and not the lies they list on their websites.

Also, as you predicted they are changing their name from Article 8 to Massresistance because they are once again failing at another biggoted endeavor. I wonder how long "massresistance" will last?

Steven Keirstead said...

Anonymous # 1, great idea. Let's repeal this law. It has roots in racism (written against black boxer Jack Johnson), and is now being used against gays and lesbians. Let's repeal it now.

CrackerLilo said...

Thank you, Steven, for pointing out the racist roots of that horrible law.

My wife and I are one of those couples. Because NYC has its own compromise (SSMs contracted legally *elsewhere* are treated as legal there, though there is no legal SSM in NYC), we are not sure *what* our status is. And neither are lawyers we've asked!

We only know what we are to each other. I would invite Mr. Staver to read my blog, about the stripes on our ceiling and the ways we get each other out of our bad moods and the food I make, or the blog of most any other person in a committed same-sex relationship. I would ask him, if he found out his marriage wasn't "real" legally, or had the legal status ripped out from under him as he so cheerfully wants done to us, would he feel less married? Would he leave his wife? Would he just accept it?

It just plain hurts. :-(

Anonymous said...

Your crap is next!!!

Homosexual 'Pride' Event Pushed Back Into Closet, Says Christian Group

By Allie Martin
April 3, 2006

(AgapePress) - The president of a Christian activist group is claiming victory after cancellation of an annual "gay pride" event in Charlotte, North Carolina.

For the past four years, members of Operation Save America (OSA) have turned out at the annual "Charlotte Pride" event, a spring gathering that has featured transvestite dancers, homosexual comedians, and vendor booths pushing sadomasochism (S&M) merchandise. Taking part in peaceful demonstrations, OSA members have distributed Christian tracts and literature that exposes the true agenda of homosexual activists and their supporters.

Now the event, which had been scheduled for the first weekend in May in downtown Charlotte's Marshall Park, has been cancelled, says the Christian activism group. OSA president Flip Benham asserts that support for the homosexual pride event dwindled as Christians became more vocal. Benham recalls the activities of his group at last year's event.

"We had ... hundreds of Christians singing beautiful songs, praise and worship songs, outside of the park. We had hundreds of them inside of the park, engaging in witnessing one-on-one," he says, "and what we had was the church of Jesus Christ now with her theology becoming biography in the streets of Charlotte." What happened this year? "This year the Charlotte Gay Pride Parade just said, 'Forget it; we can't take this. It isn't fun anymore,'" Benham shares.

The OSA leader says he expects another group to try to convene a similar event next year in Charlotte, but that he believes Christians nationwide can learn from the victory this year.

"We Christians at churches around the city of Charlotte are rejoicing over what God has done -- and we've found out that it's true that when the church of Jesus Christ arrives at the gates of hell, the gates of hell cannot prevail against it," Benham says. "And our hope is that this will provide an avenue for churches that are dealing with this issue in other cities to do the very same thing."

During the 2005 event police removed Christians from the area after complaining about explicit jokes and dances performed in front of children.

Anonymous said...

LOL Boston Pride is here to stay. And the Charlotte event was probably just postponed, if anything (so far there's been no confirmation of the "cancellation").

Anonymous said...

Actually, almost immediately after Charlotte Pride was cancelled, a new organization called PrideCharlotte formed to revive it:

Coming up at Charlotte’s Gay and Lesbian Center on May 6 — the originally scheduled date for this year’s Charlotte Pride — will be a Pride Block Party. A fundraiser for the upcoming PrideCharlotte festival, the day-long event will include speakers, musical performances, food vendors, a bazaar and a car and dog wash.

And, just in case anyone doubted the hatred behind these "Christians" here's a quote from Flip Benham that didn't make Agape:

“Charlotte Pride,” that horrific abomination where homosexual perversion is paraded publicly in Marshall Park in Downtown Charlotte every spring, is finished! Thank God!

CrackerLilo said...

How on earth can people take such delight in wrecking other peoples' fun and hurting their feelings?! And in the name of Deity, yet? I've never gotten it; I hope I never will.

Anonymous said...

Cathy Young nails the problem in a recent column in Reason, entititled "What War On Christians? (Disagreement isn't oppression)" :

...the complainers go much further. They cry persecution when religious conservatives are denied the ability to impose their beliefs on everyone—for instance, to ban abortion or gay unions. In fact, much of the hostility they encounter is directed at this political agenda, not at religion as such: People who bash the religious right seldom object when faith is invoked to protest war, poverty, or racism. This is a double standard, to be sure, but it's just as hypocritical for religious conservatives to suggest that Christians who don't subscribe to their brand of values aren't "real" Christians.

Anonymous said...

Also, as you predicted they are changing their name from Article 8 to Massresistance because they are once again failing at another biggoted endeavor. I wonder how long "massresistance" will last?

My guess is they'll keep it for a bit since, like "Clear Skies Initiative" it hides their true intent.
"MassHomophobes" or "BrianCamenkerHatesFags" or even "AmyContraIsABetterChristianThanYouAre" may be more accurate, but I doubt they'd go for it.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? Jesus himself authenticated the 1 male, 1 female pattern set by God (to the pharisies: "haven't you read, that in the beginning, He created them male and female...and the husband shall cleave to his wife...."), authenticated the ten commmandments (one of which is thou shalt not murder (abortion)), and said to sinners "if you don't stop sinning, something worse awaits you."

It is not hypocritical, it is absolutely true to say those who do not follow Jesus' teachings are not Christians. Even the mere belief (and not participation) that abortion and homosexuality are acceptible place you in a state of serious sin. If you try to tell people that God permits these things, you are bearing false witness, and perverting His name, and you will have to account for that lie one day....

Anonymous said...

Good point - "MassBlasphemers" is a much more accurate name. How long can these charlatans continue to spread hatred in the name Christ?

Marcie said...

To the Anonymous Poster above who seemed to have all the knowledge on Jesus. You forgot that Jesus did not advocate war nor capital punishment. It's a wonder that the "Pro-life" people alway leave out capital punishment and war. Jesus also advocated for the poor too, not tax cuts for the rich.

CrackerLilo said...

And of course, in a secular republic with citizens that follow a variety of religions, what Jesus said should be of concern only to those who attend a church anyhow. It is the ultimate in selfishness to force other people to live by your beliefs.