Thursday, June 15, 2006

Macy's Apologizes and Admits Mistakes

In Newsweekly is reporting that Macy's has apologized for removing the mannequins and says that it had nothing to do with "pressure" from Massresistance (hat tip to Queer Today):

In an exclusive letter to In Newsweekly, Klein blamed "an internal breakdown in communication," and declared that the controversial mannequins "were not removed because of pressure." However, he defended the companies decision to keep the mannequins out of the display explaining, that Macy's windows "traditionally do not feature mannequins in these 'community windows' because the introduction of merchandise has no role in our tributes."
Furthermore, the letter of apology, from Macy's east chairman & CEO Ron Klein list the GLBT causes that Macy's supports:

As a Macy's employee, I am proud that our company supports and marches in Pride parades in Boston, Atlanta, Minneapolis, St. Petersburg, Seattle, and New York City (where I have personally marched for several years). I am proud of Macy's participation in AIDS walks in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami and New York City. I am proud of Macy's Passport fashion event, held in San Francisco and Los Angeles, that has raised $21 million for HIV/AIDs research since 1988. I am proud of Macy's 86 ranking in the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index - the second-highest ranking possible. And I'm proud of all the community partnerships, events, awards programs, marketing campaigns, recruiting efforts, and education and awareness programs undertaken by Macy's with and for the GLBT community.
Like I said when all this was going on, it was a PR disaster for Macy's in addition to being a headache for all the people who work at Macy's that support GLBT causes (I can't wait to see their window NEXT year!).

I would once again commend Robin Rydell, Special Events Coordinator in the Boston office, who supported this display from the beginning. Her heart was clearly in the right place!


Mark D. Snyder said...

I full accept Macy's apology. They met three of our four requests: apologize, admit they were wrong, and renew their support of our community. The fourth request was to return the mannequins to the window, but obviously it is too late for that.

The INNEWSWEEKLY coverage was great but I do have a few corrections. Our group totalled 13 by the end, our age range was more broad than just folks in their 20's, and we were not as subdued as portrayed: we did chant with a megaphone outside before we entered the store in a line to deliver our signs to the executive offices. On our way out of the store we chanted loudly as sales people cheered us on creating quite a scene inside the store.

Boo said...

It looks like even Article 8 may have finally realized how ridiculous the whole thing made them look, they appear to have removed all references to it from their website.