Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Love Won Out & Article 8 Lies...Again

Ok, so Article 8 is posting pictures of the demonstration that was held outside of the Tremont Street Temple in downtown Boston. The most interesting part of the posting is how many times Article 8 distorts the truth (similar to the way Brian Camenker did this past weekend on the pathetic Massresistance: The Radio Show). Examples:

As hundreds of people from across Massachusetts and came to the Tremont Temple Baptist Church to attend a widely acclaimed conference on recovering from homosexuality through a relationship with God, angry and enraged homosexual activists converged outside to intimidate and terrorize them.

...Major themes included theology and relationships with God, as well as
practical information for those struggling with homosexuality or who know people
who are in that situation.

No, "Love Won Out" is about recovering from homosexuality through a relationship with JESUS, not God. Jews, Muslims and Atheists need not apply. From the Focus on the family website:
"Love Won Out's cornerstone continues be the hope and healing that is found in Jesus Christ," said Melissa Fryrear, a conference speaker and former lesbian. "Many attendees are struggling to maintain the balance between holding onto their beliefs and loving a gay family member or friend. The conference will encourage and equip them to do just that."
Article 8 LOVES to say "Bad Bad Gays demonstrating outside a Church" and tries to act like this is all about the Gays against religion. They did this with their "rally" for David Parker in Natick. They do it again here. They neglect to say that the Tremont Street Temple was renting the space to the Focus on the Family. It was NOT put on by the church.

What I don't get is the way Article 8 tells it:
  • More and more showed up, and they acted angrier and more hostile toward people there for the conference.
  • Police allow near-riot outside, but tell people inside they can't leave.
  • Boston police barricaded church doors and would not allow people in church to leave, as homosexual activist demonstrators block street, scream, intimidate, and threaten.
  • Coffin facing church, police look on as demonstrators scream and terrorize conference participants.
  • What ensued was a near-riot, as Boston police continued to stand and watch.

And yet there was NO VIOLENCE!!! No arrests!!! How can that be? Article 8 made it sound like a combat zone. Hmm...I guess the police were doing their job.


Anonymous said...

like the old USSR had Pravda, the radical right in MASS have the article 8 alliance and like Pravda that supported Joseph Stalin despite his hostitliy and brutality we have the article 8 alliance that supports the brutality of love won out.

Michael said...

Well being at the protest from 7:30-3:00 I know we were not unpleasent to the conference goers. We directed them to the correct door to get in, and chatted with a few when they came outside in friendly debate. The only time things got unpleasent was when some skinheads showed up across the street with signs like "aids cures fags" and "Thank god for aids" then we just chanted a little bit louder and got a second wind.

Anonymous said...

Today's bay windows coverage of the protest is slanderous. The youth of queertoday did a great job giving the leaders of the ex-gay movement the welcome they deserved. Shame on bay windows for calling them lions, questioning their motives, and pretending to be afraid. They also were wrong about the police - no riot gear or formations happened.
Sometimes article8's coverage is as good as bay windows. SICK.

Anonymous said...

Michael I urge you to write to bay windows about their terrible coverage of the conference.